Dragon Quest X Can Now be Played in North America

Hardcore Gamer: People outside of Japan can now play Dragon Quest X.

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ValKilmer1304d ago

Well, I know what I'm doing all weekend.

And all summer...and probably the next two years.

rodiabloalmeida1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

"The game is still in Japanese and may require a Japanese credit card to get past the free trial, but losing the IP roadblock makes it far more accessible."

The IP block was the easiest part IMO.

kalkano1304d ago

This may be a sign that they don't plan to localize it. Not that I care...It's an MMO. But, this doesn't bode well for their attitude, as a whole.

DiscoKid1304d ago

Seeing as how the 3DS version was just released, it's most likely to accommodate those players who might be traveling.

Chrono1304d ago

The 3DS ver uses streaming. If the player isn't geographically close to the server, there will be a lot of lag.

DiscoKid1303d ago

Understandable. If this means an international version is in the works, then color me excited.