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PS4 Soundly Beats Xbox One and Wii U in Google Popularity; Wii U Overtook Xbox One on Youtube at E3

The first half of the 2014 is now behind our backs, and all the big three (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) have published their financial and sales reports with a rather wide range of results, but what about one of the most basic indexes of popularity on the internet? PS4 Beats the Xbox One and the Wii U rather soundly on google and youtube searches, but there are some surprises. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Bizzare21  +   301d ago
Are we seriously doing search comparisons now? smh
ThinkThink  +   301d ago
Gee, can't wait for the yahoo and bing analysis. Looking forward to a months worth of news stories. :(
BG11579  +   301d ago
Yep this goes along with company news that informed how many bullets were fired in games, distances that players ran or how many zombies were killed.
dantesparda  +   301d ago

You do know that this isnt new right? This started last gen with the PS3/360, where MS fanboys would use this against Sony fanboys. So unfortunately for the MS fanboys, what goes around comes around.
MRMagoo123  +   301d ago
we have been doing them for years, go back to the ps3/360 gen and check the articles then too. Are you new?

I am not saying they are worth reading or not because some ppl like them some ppl dont but they have been on this site for a loooooong time.
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Sayai jin  +   301d ago
MrMagoo - These articles were ridiculous back last gen as well. Along with those Sony is Doomed articles...utterly ridiculous.

These articles get the arcade Rambos beating their chest.
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BX81  +   301d ago
Crap then, crap now.
jebabcock  +   301d ago
There are two things on this site I detest.. misinformation and ignorance...

reports on sales or other legitimate statistics are viable news pieces even when they tell what we don't want to hear. And when we put them all together they can help us understand the market.

I invested money in a console. Popularity and sales mean I can expect a much better chance of getting solid titles from all devs. So yes I want the ps4 to do well. If they soundly beat the competition, then even exclusive titles are likely to find their way to the ps4....

So yeah I think these articles are interesting and should be published especially when they support the console I invested in... It isn't a difficult concept to grasp.. it has nothing to do with being a fanboy...
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   301d ago
Anything that asserts any kind of dominence over xbox (even stupid ones like these) gets an article why is that surprising?
lelo  +   301d ago
Microsoft is going to have a very hard time recovering the Xbox One. All the work they had with the X360 went down the drain in the first few months after announcing the X1. Unless Microsoft does something drastic, I don't think the X1 will have 1/2 the sales of the PS4 at the end of this console generation.

If Microsoft were smart they would finance 100% of a few games that a lot of people are interested, like Shenmue 3, Lost Odyssey 2, Beyond Good and Evil 2, etc... the way Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2. Maybe that way they could interest other people to purchase the X1 beside the die hard xbox fans that only like Halo, Forza and Gears.
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medman  +   301d ago
What you say makes sense for the gaming division, but Microsoft investors and shareholders wouldn't have it. They will sell the division off if the expenditures keep outpacing profits, as has been the case for awhile now. The gaming division is a small piece of the Microsoft pie, and what is worrying for xbox only gamers is the head of the company and the shareholders seem to be stepping away from the division more and more each operating quarter. I really don't want to see Microsoft sell xbox, I would like to see them invest more in it and offer better services and hardware, but that is not the way it seems to be trending inside that company, with the scuttling of xbox entertainment and their vision of what entertainment on the xbox one would be also recently axed. I own a ps4, 360, and ps3 at the moment, and will probably buy a wii u and maybe an xbone in 2015, but if I'm being honest the wii u has more in store for 2015 that I'm excited about right now than what I've seen from Microsoft. That has to change if they are going to get back in this fight, because right now Sony are handing it to them worldwide. And though I own a ps4 and am happy Sony is doing well with it, gaming as a whole would suffer if Microsoft doesn't succeed also.
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The_HarryEtTubMan  +   301d ago
This is a news website, it reports on everything related to gaming...even which brands are searched for the most on Google.

It must hurt for some seeing Xbone lose across the board.
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Pogmathoin  +   301d ago
Clearly this is great news. I can hold my head high..
Angels3785  +   301d ago
Not surprising...reflective of sales as well.
Sayai jin  +   301d ago
Articles like these are getting old and ridiculous. Scratch that; they have always been ridiculous.
Multiplatguy  +   301d ago
I wouldn't expect them to go away any time soon. Just going by the comment section of these articles, this is the type of "news" that the typical user of this site likes.

Just look at all the disagrees on Bizzare for pointing out it's a bit silly that we have degraded to making news out of which is the more popular google search..
Sayai jin  +   301d ago
Indeed. I understand what you are saying.

Online gaming news is ruled by arcade Rambos (fanboys) and articles like these throws gasoline on a fire.
Steptoe  +   301d ago
Oooh! I'm so popular! Someone give me a cherry! News like this make Sony lazy.
Starks  +   301d ago
I like this gif someone linked in there:
Macdaddy71  +   301d ago
It's only time the X1 will sell like ps4, I know don't want to hear it but it's true...let the 360 gamers upgrade the. We will see the real numbers, cause we all know the 360 sold n was way better then the ps3,
Just think of all the 360 sold???? Millions, n when them owners buy X1's wow watch out Sony!!! It's coming trust me...
I have both..
Look how many are being sold online!!! X1 would be with ps4 if we go off that
mike_honcho  +   301d ago
hey buddy just wanted to give you a heads up on the 360/ps3 sales portion of your comment.. ps3 is outselling 360 world wide..


albeit not by much and not in North America.. also while your there take note of the xb1/ps4 difference.. you would be hard pressed not to agree that a lot of those ps4s are 360 users.. I know I meet them all the time playing online..
AceBlazer13  +   301d ago
The ps3 is a much better console than he 360 especially if you compare them in recent years. What exactly was the last true exclusive on 360? Your logic can be spun and say 360 owners were so unimpressed that they jumped to PlayStation or abandoned Xbox. Not every one is a fan of buying a console 3 times.
Big-finger  +   301d ago
the xb1 will never sell like the ps4 given the current projections and trend.

Like I have said before, the damage has already been done.
Gore-Content  +   301d ago
Enjoy your 3rd place xbox gamers.
DirtyPimp  +   301d ago
thats awesome
jnemesh  +   301d ago
This is turning into a feedback loop at this point. Xbox One sales tank, news stories are written, potential customers see negative news and decide not to buy the XB1 after all...wash, rinse, repeat!
Spotie  +   301d ago
Much like last gen.

Except now that Microsoft is on the short end of the stick, it's immature and everyone should be tired of it.

MRMagoo123  +   301d ago
Yeh kinda odd, I remember back when I joined in 2007 I think it was and there was maybe 1 out of 400 articles that tried to defend the ps3 from attacks constantly coming from all and any media along with fanboys, yet that was fair game then, now its not fair and MS are scared little guys that are being bullied apparently.

I am not saying I think this is an article worth having or not, but the people that are saying to give it a rest should have been doing the same last gen but from what I can see the users that used to bag ps3 every chance they got are now the ones telling ppl to just leave MS alone.
jnemesh  +   301d ago
Damn tablet....accidentally hit disagree... When I actually agree, sorry!

Thing is, though... You might be able to dismiss one or two articles... Especially the one from small blogs.... But when mainstream media, like Forbes and other respected publications start reporting on the Xbox one's multiple failures and shortcomings, it can't be ignored... Nor can the fact that such stories become self fulfilling as the general public become more aware with each story that the Xbox is inferior.
maniacmayhem  +   299d ago
And much like last gen.

When Sony was on the other end, you and other sony fanboys kept screaming the media is biased, and called to have these types of articles stopped from being submitted.

How very convenient that now everything is okay.
Goku781  +   301d ago
Xbox One less than a Wii U.....start over all ready MS this is embarrassing!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   301d ago
No a man has WiiU (along with PS4) and it's a great little system with fun games like DKC, MArio 3d, Mario Kart, WW HD, and superior Rayman Legends
Emanno  +   301d ago
I wish Sony had enough money to buy Nintendo.
Don't care for Xbox unless a new handheld console appears, that will never happen lol
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KaladinStormblessed  +   301d ago
Nintendo would never agree with it. And I don't want to see nintendo games on a ps consoles. If anyone wants to play nintendo games, then buy a wiiu. That simple. The same goes for sony/Microsoft games. And no, I'm not dissing the ps4.
MegaRay  +   301d ago
Merge? Maybe. Buy? Impossible.
Max-Zorin  +   301d ago
Nintendo don't need to be bought by anyone.
mixolydian_id  +   301d ago
Well... if I'd have known... I would've spammed the search engine relentlessly.
solboogie  +   301d ago
I work at a toy company and although PS4 is popular more and more coworker are dicovering and loving the WiiU. I predict the U-turn will continue and WiiU will compete for the top spot after the holidays.
Hanso  +   301d ago
lol keep dreaming
KaladinStormblessed  +   301d ago
He's saying the wii u will compete with the ps4 for top stop, not that it's going to get top spot. I do believe with smash, hyrule warriors, bayonetta, and C.T. Treasure tracker the wii u may provide some good competition to Microsoft and sony. And that's not mentioning any multiplats, which I believe is actually just watch dogs and possibly advanced warfare. So nevermind, not really any multiplats.
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SynestheticRoar  +   301d ago
I said it years ago, the WiiU is Microsoft competion. Not Sony.
fleecejohnson75  +   301d ago
Soooooo you said it well before all 3 were even released did you? You sir...may be a liar! Especially since the ps4 & XBOX1 aren't even a year old yet. However,if you did, well...I need some powerball numbers asap. Not holding my breath though.
edonus  +   301d ago
Anything conducted over the Internet is currently tainted. The Internet has been chasing clicks and mind share since before the consoles were announced and they have been working an tap give agenda to slander and mislead general perception about the X1. Like I said the media has basically tarred and feathered the gaming community. These surveys and polls are all BS and worthless and are only instruments in manipulating gamers for clicks.

I can afford and have had and still the chnpance to buy any and all consoles. Right now knowing then what I know now I would still buy the X1 over the Ps4 and WiiU, I would actually buy a WiiU over a Ps4. The value of the Ps4 has been greatly over exaggerated and is a black eye on the industry. I am sure I have had a better experience with my X1 than I would have with the Ps4 and the WiiU in its first year and no Internet article or sales figure will change that.
MysticStrummer  +   301d ago
"I can afford and have had and still the chnpance to buy any and all consoles. Right now knowing then what I know now I would still buy the X1 over the Ps4 and WiiU, I would actually buy a WiiU over a Ps4. The value of the Ps4 has been greatly over exaggerated and is a black eye on the industry. I am sure I have had a better experience with my X1 than I would have with the Ps4 and the WiiU in its first year and no Internet article or sales figure will change that."

You really don't understand why this paragraph is funny, do you?

OT - People can downplay articles about Google searches or Amazon numbers or Facebook likes or YouTube likes or whatever, but the sales figures back them up.
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KaladinStormblessed  +   301d ago
The wii u is just over half way into its second year man. I own a wii u and honestly so far I would buy a ps4 over an xbox one. That's just my opinion though, not saying the xbox one is bad.
mysteryraz11  +   301d ago
wii u is a toy
deafdani  +   301d ago
So are the PS4 and Xbox One and every single videogame console ever made. What's your point? Did you somehow manage to miss the GAME part in videoGAME console?

You sound pretty insecure about your own adulthood.
mysteryraz11  +   301d ago
wii u is for kids and ppl love rehashs I dont consider it a next gen console
JediDiah  +   301d ago
Wana see Xbox on top? Have an EA only on Xbox deal....that would do it.
chikane  +   301d ago
nice ps4 and wii-u for the win
horndog  +   301d ago
This is what happens when ps4 gamers don't get EA ACCESS options and are sick of playing indies. It's going to be a long summer for these poor sheeps.
Hanso  +   301d ago
i guess this is why you 2 bubbles lol.
smashs  +   301d ago
Wii U is the king, you know it.

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