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Submitted by excaliburps 486d ago | opinion piece

Now Loading…One Destination Per Planet in Destiny, Does It Really Matter?

PlayStation LifeStyle: This week’s “Now Loading…” segment will focus on the very recent controversy of Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny having one playable destination per planet. The PSLS staff invested a lot of time into the game’s beta, and decided to weigh in on the issue. (Bungie, Destiny, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Foolsjoker  +   486d ago
I really don't get why people think Destiny is going to suck.
isarai  +   486d ago
Maybe because people have different taste in games?
BadgerDeluxe  +   485d ago
Or maybe people that have different taste in games can admit that the game isn't for them instead of being a child and just saying that it will suck?

Mortal Kombat looks stupid to me. I don't like fighting games, so I wouldn't be the right guy to ask about that, would I? I'm sure people who love fighting games are gonna have a blast with it! etc etc
MysticStrummer  +   485d ago
Having different taste isn't the same as making a definite statement that a game will suck or be garbage.

I don't think we can know the answer to the title's question until the game is released and we see how it all plays out.
Drithe  +   485d ago
The only people that complain about this Destiny are sucky nerds that only want to play FF 10 part 2 and would rather play dress up with the dollys than be a real hero and blow stuff the (*@$ up!!

End of line.
Cryptcuzz  +   485d ago
Thats the dumbest thing I've read all day that literally killed my brain cells. I liked Final Fantasy 10 quite a lot and I also like Destiny. I've put in a considerable amount of time in the beta and backed up the game on a number of times recently. I also have preordered and will be buying the Glacier White PS4 Destiny bundle as well. Can't wait!
Chuk5  +   486d ago
I'm not sure. Old Russia is pretty big, and we haven't seen all of it. given that we know there seems to be earth, moon, mars, venus, the reef, if they are all more or less the same size, I don't think it's that big a deal. But we'll have to see.
Wedge19  +   486d ago
They've said the moon is the smallest area, and I know people that spent 2 hours exploring that and still didn't see everything it had to offer.
HacSawJimThugin  +   485d ago
I am one of them. The moon was absolutely huge and I went as deep as I could go before being turned around by locked doors.

I blew through the mission dumb quick (about 15 mins give or take) just so I could go back and explore and it was worth every second. Can not wait for this game.
matrixman92  +   486d ago
Reef is just another community hub like the tower
BadgerDeluxe  +   485d ago
Where are people getting this? I've been trying to stay on top of Destiny news and I haven't found one thing from DestinyDB confirming this.
kneon  +   486d ago
I'd rather have more planets than more locations per planet. Each planet will likely have fairly unique environments whereas locations on the same planet will likely be more similar.
Wedge19  +   486d ago
I'm personally excited for Destiny. I think the people that aren't just need to realize that it isn't their style of game. Rather than bash little things or try to get them to change it, just accept that it's not for you and play one of the thousands of other games out there.
XtraTrstrL  +   486d ago
I think it's that with it being an MMO that you're suppose to explore large continents on, they expected it to be Skyrim or GTA size or something. I feel it's kinda small myself, but I may get it still.

As long as Activision doesn't have Bungie holding regions back that are gonna be $$$DLC$$$ and start a whole ridiculous thing with that up.
dcj0524  +   485d ago
Well, bungie said them selves that it's not an MMO. It's more of an online RPG shooter.
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lameguy  +   485d ago
Yeah. It's come down to "Destiny is a good, fun game. It's just not the game that I wanted." for me at least.

I'll still get it since I won't bother canceling the pre-order. How long I'll end up playing it is TBD.

They were after that "30seconds of fun" loop and I was personally looking for something a bit slower, deeper, and more tactical.
strickers  +   485d ago
Did you read about Raids. 2 in the final game with more to be added.
6 player, friend only, tactical, challenging, 2 hour , long form missions
insertcoin  +   486d ago
I'm pretty sure that Destiny is going to reach a large audience. I'm not worried in the slightest.
Wedge19  +   486d ago
Agreed, and all the controversy is just giving it more coverage. Just like TLOU Remastered. The controversy gave it more attention.
JonnyBigBoss  +   486d ago
I'm disappointed TBH.
Wedge19  +   486d ago
It may just not be your style of game. I've personally loved every hour I've put into Destiny so far, and as a trophy hunter, that's saying a lot, being that I can't get trophies in Destiny yet.
HeavenlySnipes  +   486d ago

This game might end up with less content than Borderlands 2 with 10x the budget
SteamPowered  +   486d ago
I felt Borderlands 2 was TOO much to explore. Lots of open space and you had to go back again and again on foot for different missions. And as soon as you turn around there would be baddies already respawned. I loved, loved, loved BL2, but it showed that more can sometimes be too much.
OrangePowerz  +   485d ago
It's not about the size in suqare miles. You know what happens in games like Borderlands or Skyrim? People use fast travel whenever they can because it's boring and annoying to run all the way from point A to point B and go through the same area for the tenth time.
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strickers  +   485d ago
I can't stand people measuring games in size of content terms.
I love Borderlands, but these are not the same games, despite the RPG similarities.
For reference, Bungie say this is the largest game they've made. Should be big enough.
The 14 Strikes( rumoured) and 2 Raids will be at least 10 hours, not including ANY of the story
BlasterGR  +   486d ago
I loved the beta and spent quite a few hours with it but I can't help being a little dissapointed that I won't be able to see
other alien infested areas on earth at least. What happened to the other countries, it feels wrong...
SteamPowered  +   485d ago
Aliens never visit Canada anyways. From Independance Day to War of the Worlds, aliens dont care about canucks apparently.
Cryptcuzz  +   485d ago
That's not true at all. aliens love to visit Canada. I saw on Good Morning America (I believe that was the show) that some lady took some footage of what she believed was a UFO and "scary" people are telling her to take down her video.
lemoncake  +   485d ago
I would rather have one location per planet that are very different from each other than have many cookie cutter locations, hopefully the maps they have fit into the diverse category.
LAWSON72  +   485d ago
The title reminded me that the load times in the beta were too abundant
JeffGUNZ  +   485d ago
Yeah, same here. I didn't understand the reason for the countdown? I'd click the tower for the location and see 3.2.1.....then I'm still sitting there for another 15-20 seconds. Fly closer to the planet, then sit there for another 10 seconds. Kinda wish they would have made it more interactive during the load times.
itisallaboutps  +   485d ago
Well depending on how many planets their are. I seriously feel slightly dissappointed.

Unless the final version of old russia has a lot of content then i won't be too worried but i do feel slightly cheated since i bought the 90 dollar version.
dcj0524  +   485d ago
People haven't exploded all of Old Russia or The Moon yet.Nor have they played all the content available in Destiny so I'd reserve my judgement until the full game has been fully played by people.
Xb1ps4  +   485d ago
How many planets doe it have? And I wouldn't be surprised if they added more destinations through dlc...
thunderbird86  +   485d ago
Dlc will be standard in this game. Need the extra money to keep the mmo part going.
Dying_Jester  +   485d ago
Here's my thoughts on this whole "one area per planet" deal goin on. First- I'm loving they did it this way instead of more areas and less start that is. This way there is a large difference in visuals early on for different locations.
Second - It seems likely that more areas per planet would be added through DLC. I just hope they add more areas before more planets. I'd like to feel like I've seen tons on one planet before moving onto the next planet and still thinking "what else is happening around earth?"
cr33ping_death  +   485d ago
If all the maps are huge with a lot of exploring to do I dont mind one per planet/moon. Either way. Vacation scheduled for this so can't wait :)
Jubez187  +   485d ago
Kinda sad. Compromising earth into "old russia" doesn't really do it justice.
JeffGUNZ  +   485d ago
They have announced other parts of Earth, but didn't comfirm them in launch. Like Old Chicago and what not. It may be DLC in the future or may come later in the story. The whole point I got of the story in the beta was to fight the darkness and take back what was ours. Right now, Old Russia is the area, but who knows what we unlock later in the campaign.

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