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Why Isn’t The Last of Us a Cross Buy Game?

CCC Says: "A lot of people are angry that The Last of Us: Remastered isn’t a cross buy game. After all, the game is over a year old now. Everyone who was an original Last of Us fan has bought it, played it, beaten it, and replayed it several times. Now, Naughty Dog and Sony expects us to pay full price for a game that we already have, just to play it on the PS4? WHAT NERVE!!!

Well cool your jets man, because there is a perfectly good reason why they are asking you to buy the game again: Money." (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

iamnsuperman  +   484d ago
I also think the idea of cross buy is a little difficult to implement when a game releases a year before the other version. Where does Sony draw the line. There will be no way Sony could find out who actually bought the game (not used). So they will be sending codes out to around six million + users who have played the game (also someone could pick up a used copy just to prove they own the game). Then the money issue comes into play.

It is easy to set up cross buy from the beginning not a year later
admiralvic  +   484d ago
"I also think the idea of cross buy is a little difficult to implement when a game releases a year before the other version."

Not if only digital purchases get upgraded like just about every other title on the PSN.

"Where does Sony draw the line."

Sony has offered Cross-Buy on older titles than a year. Dead Nation got it 3 and a half or so years after release, WipEout HD did it with the 2048 DLC like 3 years after release and God of War Collection did it nearly 5 years after release.

"There will be no way Sony could find out who actually bought the game (not used). So they will be sending codes out to around six million + users who have played the game (also someone could pick up a used copy just to prove they own the game). Then the money issue comes into play. "

Again, thats not how cross-buy usually works. Outside of the original 3 (give or take), almost every physical game has been excluded from Cross-Buy, even if the original game had Cross-Buy or obtained it later.


"UPDATE: When purchasing Best of PlayStation Network, Vol. 1 for your PS3 system, you will only receive the PS3 versions. We are not offering cross-buy for this product."

^ Just one example.

"It is easy to set up cross buy from the beginning not a year later"

It's "easy" if you just go off who bought the digital version and then code the system to make the updated version free like they did with God of War.
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Einhert  +   484d ago
EA of all companies offered an upgrade service were you could pay $20 and get an upgrade to the newer version.

No excuses, they just want another scoop of £40.
Deadpoolio  +   484d ago
Ummmm EA hasn't done that for MONTHS literally and the only games they originally offered it for were games that came out 2-3 weeks before the PS4/X1...There is literally no reason this game should be a cross buy, nor should any game be forced to be cross buy that launch period is over end of story....
slimeybrainboy  +   484d ago
You're just wrong. Cross-buy is for games with simultaneous releases. They remake includes DLC and had it's own development life cycle. They are seperate games. You are not owed a PS4 version. You bought the PS3 version, that's what you got. If you don't think it's worth buying the ps4 version don't.

The entitlement of some gamers sickens me.
LOGICWINS  +   484d ago
TLOU Remastered should have been a $20 or less upgrade for pre-existing owners. Anything less and you're being anti-consumer.

Call me naive, but I still see Sony doing this in the near future. They just held off to get the full $50 out of double dippers.
Jodicus6645  +   484d ago
No they will discount it I am sure of that. I think honestly it was geared for people who came from a non PS platform to PS4 just cause they recently announced that data and was trying to get more money based off that. Now I am sure they are OK with the double dippers lol do not get me wrong.

Let us not forget though this was a good way for Naughty Dog to get its hands dirty and familiar with the PS4 before the next Uncharted which was probably invaluable data.
shuuwai  +   484d ago
Gamespot Canada offer:
trade your ps3 copy plus 24.99, and get ps4 version.
Jodicus6645  +   484d ago
This article is basically asking "Hey why don't you give me a product for free that you had to spend labor and time on for 6 months busting your butt creating new assets and modifying code and meet a due date on time".

People have to keep jobs, which requires revenue.
Xb1ps4  +   484d ago
Problem is the remaster was too soon, they should have waited like at least 2 more years so it wasn't so fresh into ppls mind that they spent full price not too long ago.

Lol could you imagine the back lash had it released at the same time as master chief collection! Maybe not a back lash but man... Value to value!
Jodicus6645  +   484d ago
I agree too soon. Should have waited maybe same time as a sequel maybe. But to my post the point was people wanting it for a discount. With studios closing and people getting laid off all the time and articles like this and people thinking they should get handed stuff...this is what is wrong with consumer mindset. I am all for value but money does not grow on trees. If you love something and want more support it quit trying to pick it dry.
Abzki  +   484d ago
Exactly what I was about to say. Couldn't have worded it better +1
GribbleGrunger  +   484d ago
What, and throw all that extra revenue away! Are you crazy?

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DigitalRaptor  +   484d ago
People think Sony is made of money, that they employ people who work for nothing. It's ridiculous.

First TLOUR was "overpriced". Now it's "why can't I claim it for free?"
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GribbleGrunger  +   483d ago
This is the trouble with being generous to begin with. People start expecting the same for everything, whether it's cross-buy or PS+. Sony NEED to make money in order for WE the gamers to benefit.
SynestheticRoar  +   484d ago
A rare moment. When I find myself in agreement with logicwins, but he's right.
Xb1ps4  +   484d ago
I think it was just too soon for a remaster. The only worth while remaster for this gen is master chief collection and of course that's just my opinion..
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Jodicus6645  +   484d ago
I am not arguing with you on the value or the time frame of which TLoU Remastered being released I agree too soon. I am not arguing with you that Master Chief collection is worth it cause IT IS by a long shot. But I will argue that anyone making arguments about TLoU Remastered and not needing a uprez'd re-release of last gen games should be taking the same focus with Halo MCC cause its the same thing. However that is my opinion and I understand if you do not agree with it. Not saying you but people here of late giving Sony crap for doing it when they could be spending money on a new IP being released does not make MS any less guilty. Just debating not hating on you.
Xb1ps4  +   484d ago
I don't get your argument.. Are you saying that ppl are saying that these remasters are only improving on res.?

If that's the case then IMO that's what a remaster is, isn't it? It's not a reboot so why would you expect drastic changes and gameplay?(that sentence isn't towards you) We are talking about remastering a game that started on Xbox how many years ago? Compared to tlou months? It just goes back to doing it too soon...

IMO tlou is still a beautiful game on the ps3 and while it looks great and plays better it's just not good enough to ask for another 50 again that's probably why ppl argue that it's just a cash grab and it only improves on res and fps, even though that's all that mcc is doing too .

This whole "they should have spent the money on new ip" is such bs! Cause when they do come out ppl don't support it for dumb reasons and sometimes a new ip is just not guaranteed to be good anyway, it's a RISC no matter how you look at it.

Some gamers are just a finicky bunch... I meas look at access, so far I think it's a great idea to try for a month for 5 bucks yet ppl are going on theories on how we will all get screwed as if I gave them my account number now imagine those that get asked to spend 50! On something they already own! Lol

The internet is just full of young kids that don't understand money, business and can't be pleased. The last of us remaster shouldn't be cheaper it should simply not have released yet to avoid all the I should have it for 5 dollars arguments..
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Jodicus6645  +   484d ago
@Xb1ps4 no what I am saying people, again not you, are arguing that Sony shouldn't waste time on a uprezed re-released game and instead make new a IP. But at the same time they are holding Halo MCC with a badge of honor. I get your argument of time to value ect Halo MCC is 4 games and 100 maps trust me I am buying that bad boy. But the people I am speaking about should hold MS to the same guilty fact of re releasing a game versus making a new IP.

Come to think of it it is probably out of the scope of this whole conversation thread, just one of those things getting under my skin.
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randomass171  +   484d ago
That's a tough argument to make because Halo is a collection of several remastered games, including one newer remake and a beta for the next Halo all on a single disc. That's admittedly a lot more value than a single remastered game with its DLC.
Macdaddy71  +   484d ago
Damn you writers make it sound like its a must have if you do own on a ps3, what do you think gamers going to do????
It's sad we don't get a new IP just because Sony wanted to get all the money they can from this game...I'm not supporting this kind of business at all
GribbleGrunger  +   484d ago
No new IPs because of this remaster? Damn it, I've been lied to.
christian hour  +   484d ago
Right cos naughty dog aren't workign on anything else right now? And Sony told all their studios to jsut stop cos, dont worry guys, TLOU:R's got this?

I had several envious xbox360 friends last year wishing to play the last of us, some were gonna buy a ps3 just for it but figured with the new consoles on the way, they'd just wait until the usual "end of gen ported to next gen" thing happens (happens EVERY gen guys, EVERY GEN, so stop blowing up about it this time, its nothing new.) and lo and behold they were right.

Now they've all bought PS4's just for this game alone, to them its not a waste of money, it's a great opportunity to experience a game they've wanted to play for a long time but couldn't justify buying an ageing console so close to the end of a generation for it.
Spotie  +   484d ago
Not one comment I've read of yours makes any damn sense.

The fact that ND is working on both Uncharted 4 and a new IP pretty much makes you a liar.
Summons75  +   484d ago
I dunno but I think they should let you buy it for $10 bucks if you have the original disc and or purchase on PSN
christian hour  +   484d ago
What if you have the original disc but none of the DLC? Then what?
DigitalRaptor  +   484d ago
Yep. It's not that simple.

Like me, if you never bought the DLC, that would be asking Sony to give me the amazing remastered upgrades as well as the $30 worth of DLC I never bought, for $10.

People just need to calm themselves down to a reality that Sony is not screwing anyone with this. They put thousands of man-hours into a product that they intended to sell and make money off.

If you've experienced the game before and aren't happy with the pricing, you need to either wait for the game to go down in price, or not complain. Let those lucky folks who have never experienced it before get the DEFINITIVE version of the game for a great price.
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Summons75  +   483d ago
Then you get the remastered version? I honestly don't understand. If you already bought it once then you shouldn't have to pay full price again. Its like the wiiu VC you already paid for the Wii vc once on the wiiu you just pay a small fee to get the new features on the wiiu. Same concept here.
DigitalRaptor  +   482d ago
1) It isn't full price. It's less than full price.

2) They are not just "upgrades". It's a completely re-coded, new version of the game. You can't just sell the "upgrade DLC". It's the whole game you want them to give you for $10.
Ghost_Nappa  +   484d ago
Because remastering a ps3 game to run at 1080p60fps is too expensive and time consuming of a thing to just give away.
Father__Merrin  +   484d ago
This remaster IS ENTIRELY aimed at those who may have missed this, they have put to much work into this to GIVE IT away for free.

don't like it? don't buy it!!! quit moaning
James Vanderbeek  +   484d ago
I didnt pay full price for the game. just go to gamestop or ebgames. and you dont have to pay for the game if you dont want it. stupid article! game is amazing by the way
gamer_xaf  +   484d ago
MasterCornholio  +   484d ago
That's kind of difficult to do when the remastered edition comes out a year later with additional content and superior graphics. There are some cross buy games on the PS3 and PS4 but the games are essentially the same minus the differences between framerates and resolution.
christian hour  +   484d ago
Someone who actually understands how the cross-buy model has been working so far. Kudos :) Most if not all cross-buy games are identical on ps3/vita/ps4.
Kal-V3  +   484d ago
So let me get this straight... A game comes out with a game of the year edition (same base game, all dlc) for $60 a year later, everyone eats it up. Last of Us Remastered comes out on a DIFFERENT console, better graphics, extra features and all the DLC for cheaper than the original base game was and every one calls bull$hit and practically wants it for free? GOTY editions require almost no additional development. Just put all of the existing content in to one package and that's it. Last of Us:Remastered was actually developed from the ground up and has extra content that wasn't in the original. I really don't understand these people.
christian hour  +   484d ago
I wish we could move your comment to the top of the page, would shut everyone up :)
Gamer777  +   484d ago
There should of been a digital upgrade option (10-20 bucks_ for people that bought a digital copy of the game or still have a physical ps3 TLOU disk.
deafdani  +   484d ago
Yeah, we gamers truly are an entitled bunch, aren't we?

Here's the thing: when you paid your hard earned money on your PS3 copy of The Last of Us, you got exactly what you paid for: a PS3 copy of The Last of Us. Nothing more, nothing less.

Want to play the upgraded version on your PS4? Fine. Pay for it and play it. Don't want to pay for it? Well, though shit, son. I want a free Ferrari, but that doesn't mean I'm entitled to it.
Kal-V3  +   484d ago
GenericNameHere  +   484d ago
You want a free Ferrari, but they're not giving you one?? Well, heck man, go make an article about it! Those greedy companies not giving free stuff to customers should be boycotted!

Obviously that's sarcasm, but that's how most people here are reacting. I agree with you. People paid for the PS3 version, that's it. What were people expecting, that you get TLOU, and get TLOU2 free? Doesn't work like that, buddy. Just think of Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, TLOU Remastered, and GTAV NEXT-GEN to be the GOTY Editions and with better graphics on the newer consoles.

If you still want to get mad, then also get mad at every other company that has rereleases games. Get mad at Atlus for making you pay $40 P1PSP/2ISPSP/2EPPSP, P3P and P4G. Rage at Ubisoft for making you pay $40 for Splinter Cell HD and Prince of Persia HD Trilogy. Heck, go further than that and destroy Nintendo HQ because they've rereleased SMB1-World on how many systems for full price? Same for SE and their FFI-VI and X Rereleases.

Sony does it with TLOUR, and everyone hates on then. If you're mad at TLOUR, but have a DVD or Bluray of an old movie, or any rereleases of an old game, you must be a major hypocrite then.
deafdani  +   484d ago
Reading your post made my blood boil! With each example you mentioned, I got progressively angrier and angrier!! I'm really, really mad now!!! I love exclamation points!!!! I'm angry because I love exclamation points!!!!!

RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGG HHHHH!!!! *punches wall, breaks hand, cries*
Sy_Wolf  +   484d ago
I could understand having something like a $25 upgrade but cross buy? Really? How about you stop being an entitled douche.
Tctczach  +   484d ago
Because they are the exact same. Hahaha. Jk
martinezjesus1993  +   484d ago
I spent $135 dollars on tlou and you dont see me complaining. I believe the game is good enough to deserve all the money that get thrown towards it. I dont see game of the year editions getting the same criticism tlou is getting even though THEY ARE THE SAME THING!! Tlou remastered is actually better because of the upgrade. People just need to get over it, if you believe its over priced, dont buy it, simple as that.
SpiralTear  +   484d ago
Cross-buy? No. Upgrade system for those who already bought it, but want to see what the new stuff's all about? Absolutely.
tethered  +   484d ago
Because the best game ever made - My opinion - makes is a cash cow right now! Moooooooooo
arbitor365  +   483d ago
because im sure they put alot more money into the last of us PS4 version than sound shapes
Pro_TactX  +   483d ago
No one should expect it to be a cross-buy game, because it wasn't advertised as such. When you buy a product you are exchanging your money for that product, as it is, with the expectation that it will function as it is promised to function. Cross-Buy was never a promised feature for TLoU, so expecting it after the fact is unreasonable.

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