Atlus To Make an Effort on PS4 and Xbox One Development; Will Keep Focusing on Consoles

Atlus is still working on PS3 with Persona 5, while keeping the game firmly under wraps, but the developer is looking at the new generation, as mentioned by the company’s President and CEO Sugino-san

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kalkano1514d ago

I love that they're looking at consoles. But, I hope they branch out from Persona/SMT more (new IPs).

DCfan1514d ago

I thought Caherine was really good.
But the they pretty much abandoned the mainline SMT games. It the style, direction of the games, hell, even the character portraits changed from being cool-gritty realistic look to just another anime like game where friendship rules.
Dnt get me wrong, i love Persona4, its excellent, but i prefer something in the lines of Digital Devil Saga and Persona 2

Th3o1514d ago

They can start by bring Arena and Persona 5 to ps4...:( Also Persona Q to Vita...I don't see why divide up the games like this where you have to buy like 3+ consoles to experience the series of games

KonsoruMasuta1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I don't think Persona Q would work on the Vita.

It's basically an Etrian Odyssey game with Persona skin and you have to draw out your map on the bottom screen as you go through the dungeons.

I don't see how that would work on a single screen device unless they intend to have you constantly pausing your game to draw your map, which would be annoying.

I would prefer an Arena port or Persona 5 Portable.

Th3o1514d ago

OK I can more than accept that, frankly I'd prefer that.

I just mention Persona Q because it seemed like an easier transition from portable to portable:)

LightDiego1514d ago

Great news, Atlus games are awesome, can't wait for Persona 5.

Letthewookiewin1514d ago

Ya pretty much holding onto my PS3 for Tales of xillia 2 and Persona 5. Other than that been busy on ps4 and going to get busier.

Th3o1514d ago

I regret donating my ps3 sometimes:( only because I want to play MGS 4, Journey and Persona 5.

So I'm hoping to get one when it's 100$ or cheaper or just use PS Now if they have subscriptions...(I'm not paying for 4h of gameplay...a ridiculous amount).

TheTowelBoy1514d ago

Can't wait, I love these devs!

lazyboyblue1514d ago

Persona 5 must come to ps4.

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