Cloud Strife, Ryu, Mega Man … the real birthdays of some of the biggest video game characters

GamesBeat: We dig through annals of video game history and find the exact birthdays of Mega Man, Cloud, and more.

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Sadie21001299d ago

I thought Cloud would be older by now.

Pozzle1299d ago

Yeah the article's reasoning behind his age is kinda confusing because it goes by the idea that FFVII's timeline is the same as our timeline (which means if Cloud was born in 1986, then FFVII's storyline took place in 2007)

But if we're just counting the years since FFVII was released, then he'd be about 38 (because he was 21 in the game).

darkronin2291299d ago

Good to know I'll be in good company when I turn 27 this year.