The Last of Us PS4 Gets New 1.01.007 Patch; Neil Druckmann Gives More Details About His New Ending

The Last of Us Remastered has been having a few issues during the first days of its lifetime, especially related to matchmaking. Another patch numbered 1.01.007 has just been released, with the intention to solve the issue as mentioned by co-founder Christophe Balestra, while Neil Druckmann shared more details about the new ending he wrote for One Night Live.

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iistuii1478d ago

People are saying the patch makes the aa worse. Hope not, can't stand jaggies..

Muzikguy1478d ago

If it does you can bet there will be a patch to fix the patch! I've yet to buy this but it's my next one, just needs some moola!

LordMaim1478d ago

It doesn't, don't worry.

Muzikguy1478d ago

Haha! What's with the 007 reference I wonder

JackOfAllBlades1478d ago

Names Banderas, Joel Banderas

0P-Tigrex1478d ago

I can't get into a match... i've literally been in the "no parties" lobby for 10 minutes now

jmac531478d ago

Same here. It was working fine yesterday despite long wait times, now I can't even get into a game.