Destiny: See What a Level 29 Titan Can Do

From Ryan Mccaffrey of IGN: The Destiny beta maxed out at a mere level 8. Want to see how badass you can be after you've reached, say, level 29? Destiny sandbox designer Sage Merrill shows off just how superpowered you can get once you hit (and exceed) the level-20 cap.

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Mikelarry1446d ago

i thought they said the level cap was at 20. as well that titan looks sweet

jriquelme_paraguay1446d ago

In the menu if you see in the video, say 20... but with all the upgrades and advanages, its 29 :o

Mikelarry1446d ago

yeah I did see that..... my head hurts :) i wish they would come out and say what the level cap is with all the sub classes, upgrades and advantages would be, i guess we shall find out at release

crxss1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

my guess is that it's 20 per subclass. his defender titan is probably lv 9. so max would be 40 and 60 once they announce that dlc 3rd subclass.


ThanatosDMC1446d ago

So you end up feeling your playing Borderlands 2... that's what i got from that video.

Borderlands 2 just have wackier/crazier skill sets and powerups.

Battlefieldlover1446d ago

@DMC wackie and crazier is. Borderlands. Destiny seems to take on a much more serious and dark tone. Are they similar? Obviously, but considering GearBox has decided to leave "next gen" out of there current plans I say the title of King FPS-RPG is up for those willing to take it. Destiny sure does have what it takes.

CrimsonAzure1445d ago

Gearbox already revealed a next gen RPG FPS called Battleborn. Looks pretty fun just based off it's aesthetic.

Sevir1445d ago

The level cap is 20 for all classes.. what allows you you exceed the level cap is the rare gear you attain. As you level them up your level increases along with your specs... This is how you'll be able to survive the level 26-31 strike, Raids and nightfall activities with your with your 6 party raid team.

Can't wait for this game to launch.

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admiralvic1446d ago

"i wish they would come out and say what the level cap is"

From what I understand, the level cap is 20, but you can go to 30/31 with Motes of Light on your equipment.

rdgneoz31446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Yep, if people checked out the purple gear on different vendors during the alpha/beta (and yellow like the guy's in the video), they'd see that motes of light increased their effective level. And it looked like the guy had 118 motes from all his gear.

Randostar1446d ago

The Soft level cap is 20.
Which means you only level your character up to 20, after that you collect legendary armor and get motes of light to level your character up farther.

creatchee1446d ago

Once you hit 20, you level up in a different way with the Light system. It's a pretty cool concept!

Cryptech1446d ago

Dude, the armor and rifle are sick. Those buffs you get are really nice. Can't wait (even more) for this game!

ramiuk11445d ago

what i dont understand is how can those lvl 2 AI do so much damage against a lvl 20,
I always thought it be like mmo where because you was so high lvl the smaller stuff didnt aggro?

NiteX1445d ago

It was like that in the beta as well. It didn't matter if you were level 8 or level 1 the level 2's did the same amount of damage to you. Guess they want it this way so you never feel like a god? Kinda destroys the feeling of becoming more powerful though in a way.

kazuma9991445d ago

LOL IGN confirmed that you gain more levels by playing more of the game after lvl 20. Mobs drop exp and you have to collect to move on pass 20.

DonDon1445d ago

I wasn't impressed at all by the video.

TAURUS-5551445d ago

this plays better on the PS4

cleft51445d ago

FF14 does something similar to this, where the level cap is 50 but the item level can go up to a 110.

TheXgamerLive1445d ago

Im really dissapointed w/Destiny. Obviously it was made for last gen consoles with its closed feeling wbere as say The Witcher 3 you can go anywhere. I know different games but Destiny's one lo cal per planet is disaponting. Definately not a 10 yr game IMO but still fun but very last gen limited I can just play Halo 5 soon for a better more open experience or the Halo MCC for a similar feeling tbh. I just expected more.

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jriquelme_paraguay1446d ago

Bu bbuuu buuuut... Level 20 is the level cap...

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BeardedPriest1446d ago

How does one get Motes of Light?

Chaoticmoon1446d ago

After reaching level 20 every subsequent level you will earn one Mote of Light which can be used for upgrades, currency for vendors or at least for the speaker, and more.

Cryptech1446d ago

He says in the video that at this level you are nearing the end of the primary campaign. So the story mode will take you up to around level 30? Very interesting indeed.

OrangePowerz1446d ago

I think the extracted data had story missions for lvl 32 listed.

thejigisup1446d ago

I believe that was just difficulty level or rather reconvened level for your guardian. ie if it's above your level it will be tough. Meaning hypothetically speaking of course a max level character of can attempt a level where the enemies are more difficult which I believe is always key to keeping a game interesting and fun. If there is still no challenge at max level then what is the point?

Torgul1446d ago

Everything looks awesome, just a little scared because there wont be matchmaking for raids. Not sure to get 5 friends playing this game a the same Time. Sounds to be a bad idea it case.

wsoutlaw871446d ago

walk by some people while playing, send a friend request, do the raid.

Mac4201446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Raids will be a very difficult game mode, hardiest in the game. Glad they didn't add matchmaking. How do people not have at least 5 others buying this game, If your friends are not getting this with you, there not your friends IMO.

It's rumored that it took Bungie's best in house testers 16 hours on the Vault of Glass raid an they still failed.

Do you seriously think that would be possible with randoms in Matchmaking? I highly doubt it, love that they don't allow it. I remember playing Zombies on BO1 when I had nobody on, that was god awful, with only 1 objective as the goal, stay alive an shoot zombies.

Required almost no communication or teamwork between people. Just luck, hoping somebody pulled a good gun out the box an zombies dropped Max Ammo. Raids are on a entire different level so no matchmaking is a good thing to me at least. To many casuals play games, Raids are not for the casuals.

HacSawJimThugin1446d ago

I partially agree but life constantly throws unknown variables at us and there is no guarantee that all 5 friends will be able to get on and do raids for hours on in.

Why would Bungie force this on people? All of our lives are different and full of unique circumstances.

I'm paying full price for this game just like everyone else but if I don't have 5 friends on actively playing Destiny, willing to do raids, I can't do play them?

Sure, I can invite people in the tower or off of forums to play with me but having the option to have matchmaking should be there also.

It's crazy because the people against matchmaking in raids the most have 5 friends ready to go (or so they claim). If that is the case why do you care? Matchmaking doesn't affect you at all.

It not about finishing the raid or getting our assess handed to us in it but having fun and getting the full experience we paid for. Like I always say, options are beautiful.

HammadTheBeast1446d ago

5 friends online at the same time for the same period of time is the problem. A quick match system or in-game party system would be nice as well as chat within the Tower.

_FantasmA_1445d ago

Oh, look at me, I'm so popular I always have 5 friends online whenever I want them to play. Who seriously says matchmaking should be removed?

Nathan891445d ago

I bet matchmaking isnt completely out. It just depends on how many people do it. If enough people are finding their way to get 5 other friends and play they wont change it. If only a small percentage get enough friends to run it then we will see matchmaking with an update.

JeffGUNZ1445d ago

@ Mac420

Depends on people's age and life status. I am married, my best friend is married, my other buddy is married with a kid, my other friend is engaged and works a lot. My one brother is married with 2 kids, my second brother is married and lives on the opposite coast of America. Also, my one buddy recently moved to Arizona and is in a different timezone. So, to get everyone on for a raid that could take HOURS long to complete, is unrealistic for gamers in the mid 20's-and older range.

Sevir1445d ago

Those who played the beta and spent 40+ hours on it are serious about it. I have about 10 people I've become serious buddies with while playing Destiny and after they learnt that the Raids and Nightfall activities require team work, they've all commuted to setting up times to start these challenges. That's the beauty of the community and social aspects of Destiny, and half of these buddies of mine were just people that randomly joined my fire party while I was out exploring old Russia by myself. People who weren't on my friend's list initially.

This is why I'm not worried about content or this overblown notion that this game isn't big. I can't wait to take my buds and explore earth, the moon, the reef, mars and Venus, grinding, completing the story missions and and strikes, leveling up my subclass and then going after the Raids and daily/weekly nightfall challenges.

I wouldn't worry too much about finding people to play, I'm sure over the course of owning the game you can find people just as serious as you about enjoying Destiny to the fullest to play and take on Raids... It's the end game stuff anyway. So you've got some time to amass your perfect party.

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DJStotty1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

i presume it will be 2 min 5 max friends for raids. Otherwise if everyone could only get 2/3/4 people then no one in the world would be playing. Just apply a bit of common sense and you will come to a logical conclusion

You cant really have matchmaking on a co-op game mode as it will require constant communication and there is always that player that joins co-op modes and then stands their doing nothing or purposely dying.

The right choice to leave it out in my opinion, leave it co-op friends only

JeffGUNZ1445d ago

Nope. You have to have a full team to enter. Their was an interview on IGN titled something like "The end game blah blah blah" and the guy from bungie says you need a full team.

They have to either add matchmaking or make an area in the tower designated for people to meet up if they are looking to join a team for a raid.

Rooted_Dust1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Head over to There are a ton of groups looking for members. Think of their website as the world chat.

I was recruited off of those forums into (TRP) TheRedPhoenix, and I got to play all through the beta with people from the clan. This game is 100 x better with a real Fire-team.

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