New Battlefield 4 glitch lets players combine classes

A newly discovered glitch lets players combine classes, such as an engineer with an ammo box for infinite rockets.

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Majin-vegeta1331d ago

This is old.I been running Recon with ammo.for a little over two weeks.

JackOfAllBlades1331d ago

Shhh this was supposed to be a secret!! Now they might fix this in a year or so!!!

BALLARD321331d ago

Yes, lets make a video to show everybody how to do an exploit...*sigh*

Psychotica1331d ago

Thanks for the reminder of why I used to love BF2 offline with cheating ever

Vladplaya1331d ago

I freaking loved playing LAN games with like 6 or 8 of my friends and bunch of bots in BF1942, best gaming times of my life for sure.

daBUSHwhaka1331d ago

This game really is fucked.Good job DICE,now fuck off and die a slow,agonizing death you rotten bastards.But before you do refund me for my game and premium.

Neixus1331d ago

Holy shit, calm down.
You are aware that the main reason BF4 was shit, was because of EA putting a deadline? They basically admitted it recently by delaying BF Hardline.

daBUSHwhaka1331d ago

There's nothing worse than getting stung for $100.They have had 9 months to fix this crap yet here we are still on square one.Yes the game plays slightly better but it's still a broken mess.

Neixus1331d ago


That wasn't the point, the point is that you're blaming Dice, when the overall disaster was caused by EA

daBUSHwhaka1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

It's ok blaming EA at the start for pushing to get this on the shelves before COD or whatever they thought the threat was,but this has been all DICE now for months.They put other developments on hold and had such a large team working on this but got nowhere,For such a skilled team they didn't half drop the ball,and still don't have this shit heap under control.You really think Hardline has been delayed for polish and extra content.Not a chance.Pre orders were so miserable they had no option but to delay.The scars from BF4 May never heal and this could be the end of the franchise.DICE is very much to blame for this.

swishersweets200311331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

"Dice, World Class Developers". My A$$

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