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BioWare Releases Second Teaser For New Game

Recently over the past few days, BioWare has released a teaser for what is most likely their new game, and it appears that a new one has surfaced. (BioWare, Dev)

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modesign  +   45d ago
his oodles and noodles were zapped.
cleft5  +   45d ago
Hate when that happens. In all seriousness, I am looking forward to some gameplay footage. Maybe they will some something at Gamescon.
Rowdius_Maximus  +   45d ago
This does seem really interesting, eyes locked on this one
Games4ever  +   45d ago
Nice movie Bioware.

Try show some gameplay next time.
cleft5  +   45d ago
Interesting trailer, I immediately thought of Cyberpunk 2077 because of the neon and the vibe the video gave off. looking forward to seeing more news and some actual gameplay.
KnightRobby  +   45d ago
Yeah, that is exactly what I thought. That and Deus Ex. Already good news imo!

Now for dat gameplay! :)
Vantage  +   45d ago
Maybe this time BioWare will start with a dumb action game from the get-go rather than making an RPG series and turning it into a dumb action series with the sequel.
Plagasx  +   45d ago
I'm guessing all will be revealed at Gamescom.
Ripsta7th  +   45d ago
Mass effect...
Einhert  +   45d ago
Yawn, where are the video games?

These developers act like they are developing black project jets.
Lucreto  +   45d ago
Once it is not in the horror genre I will be happy.

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