Dracula and Gremlins Spotted In The Last of Us Remastered

MediaStinger: "With the levels being so full of detail and the potential to find so many secrets, the updated version of the game on PlayStation 4 with the new Photo Mode feature is just begging players to explorer further and uncover even more secrets. Many of the Easter eggs spotted the first time the game was released were related to Naughty Dog's previous games like Uncharted and Jak and Dexter, but it looks like that's not all there were and now even more eggs and references are being discovered."

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medman1451d ago


WeAreLegion1451d ago

Awesome. Ya know? I'd actually love to see a game based on the first Gremlins film. It would be more of a "cinematic experience", but still. Killing the little buggers would be awesome! I'm sure Joe Dante could clear his schedule to help.

Then, they just include a blu-ray copy of Gremlins 2 for free. I freakin' love Gremlins 2.

wampdog291451d ago

Oh just gave me flashbacks of the original games on NES...

iNFAMOUZ11451d ago

i hope this game goes down to 30 or 20 soon... just too many good games coming going to be in the streets with my tv and systems trying to plug it into a potatoe

Aghashie1451d ago

Lol! I know how u feel.

Sketchy_Galore1451d ago

I'm pretty sure that's Basic instinct on the shelf too, but I didn't say it. I don't know what Basic instinct's cover looks like because I totally don't own it on VHS tape.

Randostar1451d ago

That is Basic Instinct, they have a picture of it in the link.

Dropdeadll1451d ago

Uncharted 13 confirmed, Starting justin bieber as Drake

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