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fonger081304d ago

I've never heard of some of these games. PS Now finally showed up on the US store, searching through it, definitely some titles I'd like to check out. I question/issue/fear is for example I own PixelJunk Monsters (PS3), Mega Man 10, and Crazy Taxi... will this service or any upcoming PS4 service allow me to play those games without having to pay for them again?

mrpsychoticstalker1304d ago

Worst service ever. $3 for 4 hours of rental ... Check this out 4 hours of REAL time NOT gameplay. After that it expires. That is not good. It doesn't make any sense.

They really need to go back to the table and discuss how they will charge gamers. Plus the majority of the games are unheard of.

jwk941304d ago

I see no problem with it. The timer starts after you start the game. I could easily see myself using that 4 hour rental period for parties or situations when I have a guest over who wants to play a certain game.

Scatpants1304d ago

Yeah I agree I think one day should be the shortest amount of time offered. 4 hours is just insulting and stingy.

SoundGamer1304d ago

@mrpsychoticstalker and others complaining about the service:

If you really think the service is bad then tell Sony in a tactful and constructive manner how you would change it.

Sony is looking for feedback from the beta testers. The best way to let Sony know your thoughts on the beta and how to make it better is by putting your thoughts on the Official PlayStation Now beta forums:

They are listening.

Christopher1304d ago

@mrpsychoticstalker: I've seen it as $3 to test to see if you like a game and want to play it more or want to buy it on disc. I think the $2 options are a much better price range for this, though.

UltraNova1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

No they wont allow you to play them for free.

OT: What I wanna know is how much is the developers cut out of those prices..say the F1 2013 at 6.99 for 4 hrs (hell NO)how much did Codemasters demand and,subsequently how much did Sony add for the service...

Of course each developer/publisher will ask for a different amount that's for sure. Sony must establish some boundaries and fast, if they can, before it gets out of hand and alienate everyone who's interested in this service, cause if they let devs name their price and let them have their way.. goodbye PS Now! (for me at least)

With that said I can understand why a monthly subscription would be an absolute nightmare to implement, imagine trying to get all those devs/publ to agree on something...

Unlike MS which only had EA to deal with and agree to a subscription model on EA access (not comparing these services, they cant be compared one is like Steam and the other is cloud streaming)

Ozmoses1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I really think they should push for a subscription payment plan.. 3 month, 6 month and 1 year..

and they should keep the low cost 3-4 hour trials and push some incentive to encourage the person to flat out purchase the game because they rented it..

for example rent at $3.99 for 4 hours and get 10-20% off the full price if you purchase it.

I haven't downloaded anything. I kinda went to check it out just to see how the connections work.. but the later stage pricing on most of these games is horrible.. the 90 days price is outrageous..

luckily it's a beta and I know they are listening to feedback. they have even stated numerous times they are looking into a subscription type plan..

but the cheap rentals I can see being good for trying something out and than running to the store to go get it.. kind of like a digital blockbuster...

but with the birth of this new EA streaming service... it's all about to fall apart...

they are gonna pop up left and right one for every company..

Activision streaming service, Ubisoft streaming service, Capcom streaming service, etc....

that's where it is headed.. just like how HBOGO is the only place you can watch HBO Shows...

netflix sure as hell don't get them.

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SoapShoes1304d ago

I'm pretty sure there will be an option to purchase individual games.

Sonital1304d ago

Unfortunately pay again which is why I never understood people referring to Now as "backwards compatibility" when it was announced.

harrisk9541304d ago

Once they have a subscription model in place, it will be more like having backward compatibility than in its current rental incarnation.

fonger081304d ago

Ugh yeah that's pretty much what I was thinking too. I was really hoping they would at least allow access back to some of our PSN only titles, I have a couple dozen.

ABizzel11304d ago

I think it's a great idea, but I personally wish they would include a subscription service option as well.

The pricing structure is better for Sony and publishers, because it's easier to distribute money where it needs to go for the game you download, but for consumers it's easier just paying a monthly or annual fee and having all you can eat.

Another thing that's surprising is the lack of 1st / 3rd party exclusives. I guess they're trying to see which ones should become PS4 Remasters. If that's the case than only the Uncharted Collection, Resistance Collection, God of War Saga + Ascension (just because I want it -_-), Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, and Quantic Dream Collection.

Everything else can simply be put on PS+ especially since some franchises that moved over are changing from the originals (inFamous and Killzone). I don't think we'll see another Resistance so that's a give for a Remaster IMO, and the others are simply fan favorites, while the Quantic Dream Games can easily look like PS4 games graphically and could benefit from the touchpad and camera (since the controller is basically a PS Move).

I'd love to see a Warhawk remake on PS4 (or simply bring the PS3 version over in 1080p @ 60fps as a F2P game).

Finally I love to get sequels to Folklore (spiritual successor), Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm (spiritual successor), Siren: Blood Curse (hoping Until Dawn delivers), Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls (hoping Bloodbourne delivers).

incredibleMULK1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

the first 23 games are indies.

not a single call of duty game but they managed to put in catherine and contrast.

No crysis games.
No Battlefields.
no uncharteds.
no god of wars.
no resistance games.
no the last of us.
no beyond.
no heavy rain.
no little big planet.

sony you are the king
of bonehead moves.

It appears that the toxic spill has affected sony's judgment and rational thinking. I wonder if sony is the only japanese company doing these hairbrained schemes.

Lets see how many fantards defend this train wreck.


Sy_Wolf1304d ago

Shooters and God of War wouldn't work well because of the technical limitations of their streaming. Better to not include them then include them and have it be crap. It's just a beta after all.

OpenGL1304d ago

I'd be weary of trying to play any game that requires quick response times over Playstation Now.

andibandit1303d ago

"Shooters and God of War wouldn't work well because of the technical limitations of their streaming"

Yet they put Dirt3 in there...

IcicleTrepan1303d ago

prob because the latency is too high for that sort of game and they're trying to hide that fact

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3-4-51304d ago

a few solid games but tons of filler in there too.

TAURUS-5551303d ago

OMG i love my PS4 so so many games ¡¡¡¡

VforVideogames1303d ago

Most of those games are going to be free to play on Xbox Live like guacamelee dishonored etc etc no reason to get ps now unless you are a die hard sony fan and just like to give them money. I think sony ps4 is nothing but an indie console.

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riverstars861304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

$6.99 to play F1 2013 for 4 hours? Where does Codemasters get the cojones?

Eonjay1304d ago

That is incredibly outrageous. Unmitigated boldness.

LAWSON721304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

So the prices are still bad? This service has a long way to go, hopefully people dont buy into these ridiculous prices so good changes happen

Dontworrybhappy1304d ago

Agreed. It should not be 4 hours rather it should be a day for 2 bucks. The other prices would make sense if they were NEW games. But they are not.

Clogmaster1304d ago

Yeah, I used to rent PS1 games for a day for $2.50 from a local video store.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1304d ago

most of the prices do break down to $2 a day or less, from what I can see. The F1 game for example is $11.99 for seven days.

A lot of fuss has been made about the ps now pricing, mainly based on how ridiculous the 4 hour fees are. and they are ridiculous. and publishers/sony know they're ridiculous. The lower tier/smallest time frame pricing of services like this always sucks, because they want you to see the value of paying more.

That 4.99 exists purely to shock you into paying the 8.99, the 15.99 for the longer term. $2 or less a day is not much if you like F1 racing.
I don't like it, so I wouldn't pay it, but I might for darksiders 2.

AndrewLB1304d ago

Dontworrybhappy- Most people would play through an entire game in a single day. So $2/day is ridiculous.

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Corpser1304d ago

this is not good value for Playstation fans

Angels37851304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

This is a BETA where the prices are nowhere near final and the subscription service is not implemented.

@ below

That is exactly what I'm I don't get the point of your argument. People are still complaining about prices...therefore in the final they will be adjusted.

That's why I said "Where the prices are nowhere near final" I never said people cant complain or tried to downplay the fact I want people to complain! Means we all get a better value in the end!

The only reason Sony is coming under fire is because they are showing their hand too early...and people live in the here and now...and the prices are high. But it is smart of Sony to test the waters. Imagine if they launched as it currently is?

marlinfan101304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )


so? these are still the prices they're giving us right now, i think were allowed to say something about it. if we don't they wont change them

Gh05t1304d ago


Relax it was a joke put at the expense of Sony in reference to EA Access which I might add is also a BETA.

Death1304d ago


How do you know these aren't final prices? These are clearly the prices Sony wants for the service. This isn't a "beta" anymore than the last firmware update for the system either. Sony can call it beta all they want, but it's a working business model with monetary transactions. This is PSNow.

Novistador1304d ago

I don't get it... if it's a beta why not make it free to play? They are going to miss so many bugs putting this behind a paywall.

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DLConspiracy1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Subscription based or failure. Its not gonna work until they do. Don't care if its a beta the end product still won't work till its on par with Netflix only for gaming. If they do that... THEN it will be a huge success.

BattleTorn1304d ago

I don't care if it becomes subscription based, from what I played for free I can tell I don't like streaming games.

I'm gonna be sticking to buying cheap used games if re-playing older titles is what I want. I'm much happier sticking a disc in and having a install

AndrewLB1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Sony LOVES it's fans and you will all LOVE Playstation Now! Just do as you're told and nobody gets hurt. I hope you remember the safe word.

Sayai jin1304d ago

Spot on!

On topic, if they lower the prices and look at the hourly requirement to will be more enticing. It's still a new program so people should be patient. Nice to see the beta in the works!

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SuperBlur1304d ago

wtf i thought they would atleast put some titles for free.. im not gonna pay for something that may not work properly and i'll never get my money back

no thank you , paid beta is not my thing

S2Killinit1304d ago

the games on offer will work. they have already done the testing phase, this is just a reaction phase. You wont loose your money if you are ok with the prices, then you will get what you pay for.

SuperBlur1304d ago

If they were done with the testing phase , it wouldn't be called BETA. I'm not gonna help fund this project , my wallet is not a charity

Ashlen1304d ago

Work and "work in a playable fashion" are two totally different things.

S2Killinit1303d ago

what are you two talking about? Im playing a game on it right now. It works just fine. Come on guys, put your biases aside and stop hating. No body said your wallet is a charity, if you like one of the games on offer get it, if you don't like any of them, no one is forcing you to. is that so hard to understand?

jwk941304d ago

I was in the closed beta. The service performs really well as long as you pass the connection test.

ginsunuva1304d ago

Open Beta in services world = first version of full release, except there may be more bugs than usual.

For example, GMail was in beta from 2004-2009.

SuperBlur1304d ago

Gmail didnt ask me money to send emails

fr0sty1304d ago

Don't act like you've never seen a beta force you to buy another game to get access to it... monetizing a beta is nothing new. Part of the testing phase for this service is determining pricing and subscription service structure, so of course they want to see who is willing to pay for what.

tommygunzII1304d ago

I've been in the beta since March, it works. I also told them to keep prices low and the service would eventually become profitable, but I'm just one person.

NeoGamer2321303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

People have to realize that these services cost a lot of money to provide and run.

Sony has to pay for:
- The servers to run this
- The Internet connectivity to provide the service
- The ongoing development of the service
- The electricity, administration, facilities, and management of the service

None of these costs disappear when they offer games free over the service. So there are losses everytime they do that.

I know a lot of people are upset about the pricing and based on the price of physical games and the used game market the costs are ridiculous. But, the costs are reflecting the cost to deliver it.

That said, I think that this service is dead in the water. I applaud Sony for wanting to do this and to give it a try, but, the costs to deliver it are just too high for it to be feasible. Really this is just a business mistake and an over promise they made. I don't think gamers should be hard on them for trying...

To make a comparison it would be like one of those companies that are booking space flights for 100's of thousands and millions of dollars. Sure the cost are astronomical and if they priced them at $500 they would have filled seats for centuries, but the reality is they just can't deliver the service for that kind of cost.

PS Now is the same thing, but it's consumer target is a bunch of people that won't spend that type of money when they can walk to gamestop and get a much cheaper (and arguably) better experience (no latency, guaranteed game access, and not a rental).

Gamers need to face realities. These things are not free. And every company has a right to make money on the services they provide. I doubt they are gouging here. This is just a cost reality.

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Bonkerz1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

And they had the balls to say EA Access was a bad deal... These prices are outrageous, get it together Sony.

@Arkard, you are making it feel like they have the right to insult another companies program. If they have the audacity to insult EA's program by claiming it is a "bad" deal, how can they publish a program that is obviously much worse?

arkard1304d ago

Sony has stated prices are set by publishers. Quit trolling and acting like Sony has all the power here.

2cents1304d ago

They had the power to say no to EA's service.
They have the power to outline the price points for their own streaming service.

This is Bull, I own at least 40 of those games on disc. I will not be paying these ridiculous prices to play them on my PS4. Day light robbery.

hello121304d ago

Doubtful isn't the service been run by Galkai? Sony owns it so they must be incurring costs somewhere.

Xb1ps41304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

We'll... It is called playstation now, introduced by Sony and owned by Sony.. I would hope they have the power to call shots..

SoapShoes1304d ago

This being poorly priced in the BETA doesn't make EA Access any better of a deal.... One being bad doesn't make the other bad option good.

Dontworrybhappy1304d ago

Lol true dat Soap. I dont think 30 dollars a YEAR is bad for BF4, if it worked properly -_-

Gh05t1304d ago

Nope but when you say the better of the two bad options is not good enough and release your own worse crap and tell people it will smell like roses later what do you have.

Sitdown1304d ago

From here on out....anytime a console war breaks out in a thread, I need you to run in and quote your last line.

Spinal1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Soap stop being a stupid fanboy.

PS NOW offering is TERRIBLE as it stands right now.

EA Access is a great deal at $30 for a year access to all next gen games fifa 14, BF4, UFC 2014 and Madden 25. And thats downloading an playin em not STREAMING old gen games.

I don't even own an xbox one. I got a PS4 and my PC rig.

But I can see the difference between a good deal and a shitty one.

I'm jus gonna enjoy my last of us remastered tonight as it will be my first playthrough an looking forward to Destiny. PS Now can die with fire for all i care at those prices.

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EData1304d ago

They probably felt that a streaming service for ONE publisher was the part of the deal that was bad with EA. I like the idea of PSNow much more, but I absolutely agree that the pricing sucks.

arkard1304d ago

I didn't realize EA's program allows you to play games from Ubi, or Activision. Oh is Capcom or Konami on there to? EA is one subscription, now let's put all the other developers in there. So 30$ a year and then multiply that by every publisher that you want to play. Your paying 30$ a year for the "privilege" of 10% off a digital game. DRM hidden under the guise of a discount. I use the Best Buy unlocked program, 120$ for 2 years. It's 20% off, I still get a physical copy I can sell. Not to mention between the pre order incentive of a 10$ gift card on most big AAA games and the points you earn towards rewards certificate. I save a lot of money this way. And can still sell my used games.

At least with psnow it is on a lot of systems. Hell, if you have the right TV all you need is a controller. Once it comes to vita I could play games anywhere with WiFi.

A subscription service has yet to be announced but I think for the hard-core gamer that's looking at psnow, this will be the way to go. I don't see it as a 10$ service. I would expect to see it closer to 30 or 40 a month. People keep comparing to Netflix but this isn't the same thing. They are not just streaming video, they have to have computers in place to register button presses and constant user input, process it and send it back to the user. Sony has never said that games you already own will be free to play on psnow. I think everyone had such huge expectations cost wise. Sony have to make this sustainable and currently it seems at the price point they are currently at.

Antwan3k1304d ago

Even if I paid $30 a year for services from EA, Ubisoft, and Activision, and more it would still cost less money on average than PSNow with these prices.. Especially if we are supposed to accept that PSNow is a $30 or $40 a month service as you are implying..

tommygunzII1304d ago

EA is a stain on the industry. If you can't see that there is nothing we can tell you.

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