Hyrule Warriors online play confirmed

An official Japanese page for Hyrule Warriors shares a bit more

about the Wii U game. First, as many had anticipated, online play is now officially confirmed. The wording on the page suggests that a unique mode is being prepared for those who intend to play over the Internet.

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GordonKnight1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Now that Nintendo is starting to have more first party games with online play. The question is when will they start charging for online play? More than likely next gen.


HavokPants1601d ago

well back in the snes they were going to charge $40 for 3 months online play but scrapped it
so i think they are going to pull a sony on this one
like at first have a free games every month then BOOM you now have to pay

caseh1601d ago

"well back in the snes they were going to charge $40 for 3 months online play but scrapped it"

Not sure where you come across that, considering most people didn't even know the internet existed back then and no games (that i'm aware of at least) facilitated network play of any kind.

kingdip901601d ago

@ caseh

There was internet stuff for the snes in japan. I believe there was online levels available for the legend of Zenda a link to the past.

Dubaman1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


The Satellaview:

It was supposedly quite popular in Japan.

Dehnus1600d ago

Is asking money a next gen feature? WOW No wonder you guys like Sony and Microsoft so much :). I rather have things for a good price :D.

lilbroRx1600d ago

This isn't a first party. Its second party.

DonDon1600d ago

Still though, a second party answers to 1st party when it comes to 1st party OWNED franchises. Still glad to hear that there will still be some online. Not having online 8n this would have been the stupidest decision made since the exclusion of online in Mario 3d world.

randomass1711600d ago

Nintendo SPD is a developer on the game so it's a joint operation.

Canary-00831600d ago

I doubt it will ever happen. Nintendo is unique in that their primary target audience is children--who don't have the steady income necessary to pay for a regular subscription.

This is the same reason why there'll never be a Pokemon MMO.

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Spooney3231601d ago

Four player online co-op? Four adult links wearing different colored scarves? Four swords anyone?

ricochetmg1601d ago

This is why Wii u is failing. We should not ask this from a console in 2014.

mydyingparadiselost1601d ago

On the flip side we shouldn't be asking whether games have local mp either.

thehobbyist1600d ago

Any game that claims to have multiplayer and can't do local is a failure if you ask me. Looking at you Dead Space 3.

Metallox1601d ago

No, seriously, I'm laughing. Which news is telling the truth? Just a little below you can see another piece clearly saying: "Hyrule Warriors does not support online multiplayer."

How can you allow this?

AogamiZephyr1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Checked out Nintendo's Japanese website for the game under online features it mentions DLC, miiverse functionality within the game and an adventure mode for players to battle together, from what I understood from the amount of Japanese I know, there's also a link in the article.

nintendo_fan_4life1601d ago

There's a huge difference between online play and online multiplayer, which is what the other piece is referring to.

weekev151601d ago

The other article has a misleading title. It links to a tweet saying there will be no online coop. There appears to be an online adventure mode but I guess all will be revealed in Mondays Nintendo direct.

nintendo_fan_4life1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Can you please explain how "Confirmed: Hyrule Warriors Does Not Support Online Multiplayer" is misleading?

Are you sure you didn't just read what the title said, before it got chopped off at the end due to the character length?

weekev151600d ago

@nintendo fan there is a difference between there being no online coop and no online multiplayer. The tweet linked says there is no online coop, looking at the info it seems clear to me there will be some kind of online multiplayer, however you want be able to complete the story in online coop.

Hence the title saying it wont have online multiplayer is misleading as it is still possible that there is some kind of online multiplayer seperate to the story.

Dunban671600d ago

This article title is misleading and directly contradicts the other article posted on N4g ( that is sourced much better) saying no online co op

You might want to clarify what you mean - are you saying there is on line multi player co op or not

Either way this article needs clarification

weekev151600d ago

There is no online coop but there is online multiplayer. Its the other title that is misleading. Whilst the source is accurate the title should read "No online co-op confirmed"

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