Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Altas Editions Announced.

Activision show off the Atlas editions for the latest cod game.

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Thatguy-3101324d ago

I'm baffled on how much they're charging for digital content. I hope a lot people don't buy it to show them that we're smarter than they think we are.

crusf1324d ago

Give me a real exosuit and I might buy it.

samcoles121324d ago

It's always a bit weird how much they charge for digital versions in UK on consoles it seems to be more expensive for some stupid reason.

n4gusername1320d ago

I agree for all digital at higher or same cost, I always thought that digital would replace disc at $5 cheaper. It avoids media (which is cheap now though), manuals, shipping, reduces damaged and stolen goods, etc.

samcoles121320d ago

It doesn't make sense it's expensive to buy digital games on consoles here in the UK.

n4gusername1320d ago

For disc upgrade it is $10 for digital content, steel book, etc. With normal DLC at $2.99 average, it isn't that bad and will last longer than the $10 pizza you scarfed down for dinner. The paracord addition was a little bonus last year, but it was a bit too CoDish to actually wear it, like some paracord bracelets. (OK, it was actually me that scarfed down the pizza for dinner. oh well)