FIFA 15 New Gameplay Video: Agility & Control

FIFPlay: New FIFA 15 gameplay series video: Agility and Control.

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GarrusVakarian1424d ago

Hmmm, this game seems awfully familiar.

jak3y13oy1424d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing the new upgraded servers video... been waiting since 2010..

Nathan1701424d ago

They simply do not care.
So sad fifa has no competition.Having the monopoly of something is always bad.

ramiuk11424d ago

yeah the servers are a joke,no wonder EA is rising MS so hard this gen,there gonna try and use there dedicated to take the blame from them,yet its the netcode for EA that is a complete joke.

be nice if they paid a little more attention to the championship players in UK too.
rather than all black people look same,ginger hair people same etc etc

pompombrum1424d ago

I love the tiny little clip of the gameplay from the tv camera angle.. whoever was in charge of the defenders had to literally move them out of the way to stop them from tackling the guy running with the ball.

MurphyMadrid1424d ago

what about lobbed through balls and headers? i really love fifa but it has no competition nd for that it never really changes