XType Plus Freezes Wii U When Played, Developer Confirms a Fix on the Way

Miiverse is abuzz with players reporting eShop title XType Plus‘s disastrous bug that completely freezes the Wii U as soon as the game starts.

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Neonridr1302d ago

lol, not the type of news you want for your game..

ajames3471302d ago

Yeah, it's definitely not good news at all...

N4g_null1302d ago

This is a webgl game... I'm sure the bug will get sorted. The Web framework is doing a pretty good job. It is pretty fast actually.

Luckily nintendo let's you patch pretty easily.

Venox20081302d ago

this game looks fun, gonna wait for the patch

Dunban671302d ago

I m not a techie but how is a bug like that not noticed before it's released?