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Several years ago I bought a game on the Playstation 3 called "Hustle Kings" by VooFoo Studios. Really dug this game, and it had a lot of different game modes (8-Ball, 9-Ball, Killer, Trick Shots, Snooker, Etc) and a nice jazzy soundtrack to go with it.
However what it also had that sold me on it was the gameplay itself. It was very well designed, there were no real flaws that I saw, and it's a game that I still pull out every now and then and play a few tables.
A few months ago I noticed on the PS4 Store that there was an entry for "Pure Pool" and that it was by the same people. I thought this was interesting, especially since it's been rumored that Hustle Kings is being brought over to the PS4.
I've been anxiously awaiting this game for awhile now, and as soon as it showed up on the store today, I bought it for $9 (PS+ Discount for the win).
Now several hours after I started playing it, I have mixed feelings on this and I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I mean there...

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JoGam1417d ago

Sorry but I love this game.

RantandRave1416d ago

I feel the game was given a less then acceptable and too harsh review. The game-play is the most realistic I've played(next to actually playing pool). This game blows Hustle Kings out of the water by comparison. The controls take a little getting used to but other then that this game deserves a "9" at the least imo.

QuoVadimus20121416d ago

Hey folks, thanks for the link to my review.

I actually was concerned I may have been too harsh, but I don't think I was, and I'll explain why.

In regards to Nuetral's comment about it being the most "realistic", I think their attempts at making it as realistic as possible, going away from the fun vibes of the Hustle Kings game, and into the more simulator type of game took some of the shine off for me.

A lot of that may have to do with my depth perception issues, and the fact that they removed the top down view for lining up shots. Any shots that are more than half the table away from the cueball are murder for me trying to line up.

That said, the game is a blast, I'm not saying it sucked. I'm simply saying that there were issues I had with it that kept me from enjoying it like I would have liked.

I think they're striving to make this a simulator removed a lot of the fun that I was expecting. Maybe that's my fault for having "unrealistic expectations" or something, but that's kinda how I felt.

I agree, JoGam, the game is fun and I like the game a lot as well.

QuoVadimus20121416d ago

Also I would add that they removed a lot of functionality that was in Hustle Kings. "Removed" may be the wrong word, as this isn't a remaster, but with this you can't jump the balls, you can't raise the stick, there's a lot you can't do that you could in their previous Billiards game.

I think Hustle Kings is a better all around game, if comparing the two, but I DO like this game, and am still playing it (level 12 right now in ranking)

bauer0071415d ago

you are wrong, nothing more to say.

QuoVadimus20121413d ago

Well, it's impossible to argue with that ironclad logic, so ...okay.