Microsoft interested in using eye-tracking VR headset for Xbox One

VRFocus - Last week FOVE, a head-mounted eye-tracking display, was linked to Microsoft as the tech's creators were accepted into Microsoft Ventures London, which helps tech start-ups. It marked the first Japanese company to be accepted into the programme, and raised questions as to if Microsoft could be looking to utilise the technology for its own virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) to complete with the likes of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus.

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donnieboy1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

This wouldn't be a bad acquire if it works. Definitely interesting....

whoyouwit041449d ago

If you are trying to say Microsoft is getting ideas from Sony you are sadly mistaken because the kinect has eye tracking tech, and a lot more features that Microsoft never use.

PeaSFor1449d ago

not saying anything about ms getting ideas from someone else(no need to be on the defensive btw), hell even the old ps3 "ps eye" was able to do eye tracking, and also cheap 20$ usb web cam can do it.

JeffKang1445d ago

I think SMI put their eye tracker into Project Morpheus for demonstration purposes.

They have high-priced, highly-accurate eye trackers, but I don’t think that they are ready for a mass market, consumer-level, integrate-into-hardware approach like Eye Tribe is.

Cheaper eye tracking

There are cheaper eye trackers that are now available.
One of these eye-trackers cost $99.
However, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops already have built-in cameras.
If manufacturers make some small modifications, such as adding an upgraded sensor, enabling eye-tracking is supposed to only add $5 to the manufacturing costs.

Eye-tracking at this level is less accurate, but it’s good enough to hit larger interface elements, like Windows 8 tiles or Android icons.
If you have game menus with large widgets, you can instantly access them with a “select-when-I’m-looking-at” button.

If you want to select smaller elements, or control the cursor, you can combine eye-tracking with other input methods.

Eye-tracking (for initial warping/teleporting of cursor, and large cursor movements) + game controller (for precise cursor movements, finishing with an accurate placement, and clicking

In the eye-tracking subreddit, there’s a video of a redditor controlling the desktop, and surfing Reddit with an eye tracker and a game controller.
Eye gaze is for initial, instant, and possibly large cursor movements, and then the joystick of the controller overrides the gaze-control to offer an accurate selection of the target.
The controller buttons are for clicking.

Eye-tracking pointer motion teleport + mouse: eye-tracking for initial warping/teleporting of cursor, then use precision of mouse to finish selection – research paper on benefits of initially warping cursor

Similar to the game controller example, eye tracking can be used to initially teleport a mouse-controlled cursor near an intended target.
Once there, the mouse can override eye-control when precision is needed

A paper called “Mouse and Keyboard Cursor Warping to Accelerate and Reduce the Effort of Routine HCI Input Tasks” evaluates how initially teleporting the cursor with eye tracking in other common human computer interaction can affect the interaction.
They find that adding the teleportation clearly makes computer tasks faster.
A segment of the video has a task that requires the user to click “click-me” buttons that are generated in random locations as fast as possible.
A competition pits a mouse vs.
an eye tracker + mouse.
You can see the performance of the eye-tracking warping + mouse at 2:41 of the video: youtube/7BhqRsIlROA?t=2m41s.
In summary, adding eye-tracking undoubtedly makes interaction faster.

SteamPowered1449d ago

This is all well and good, but I hope MS doesnt leave Kinect to die on the vine. Hopefully using both peripherals will add to the VR experience.

Software_Lover1449d ago

You would need Kinect for proper vr

Mr Pumblechook1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Microsoft should not rush to release a me-too VR device.

They SHOULD develop the technology in secret and the games to go with it but WAIT & WATCH as the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are launched. No matter how good those devices are, at first, they will be a niche product. All the while Microsoft should refine their VR product. Then in 2018 they should release the new powerful Xbox, as well as a Kinect VR headset that can display all games in 1080p 60fps to both eyes, that is of an excellent standard complete with a library of killer games to support it.

redwin1449d ago

I think this is great, and I don't mind kinect. We already have cameras and microphones in our laptops and phones. I'll be very happy if they marry kinect, this vr and Crotana... ;-p

jnemesh1449d ago

Sure they are...they are going to come out with an inferior product 3 years after everyone else launches...just like they did with Windows Phone and Surface. Wasn't it just a few months ago that the Xbox guys said that they were going to "wait and see" on VR? That doesn't sound like they are very active with product development, does it?

Just another case of Microsoft following the leader, like they always have.

Gunstar751449d ago

I can categorically say that my Suface 2 is not inferior to any other tablet I've owned. Certainly better than the iPad

Software_Lover1449d ago

Windows phone is the best. I love the live tiles.

rorytmeadows1449d ago

Microsoft waits and watches, then produces a safe show-stopper. That's what they do. You new to computing?

christocolus1449d ago


lmao.. Wth? Have you ever used a surface or owned a windows phone? You just open your mouth and say crap. Its okay to favor a particular product but don't get so carried away that you allow your bias cloud your judgement .My brother owns a surface pro and that thing is phones are gradually becoming more popular..most of my colleagues have windows phones..I used one for a while too but eventually gave it to my nephew cos he kept asking me for it. You should try it.

jnemesh1449d ago

I tried WP, its crap and lacks features that have been standard in Android for YEARS.

Surface? No. I DO own a touchscreen Asus with Windows (h)8 on it. It collects dust. I would rather use DOS (or CP/M!) than "Metro"!

Microsoft has lost their way. ALL of their products from about 2003 on have SUCKED, BIG TIME.

MS hasn't had a successful product since Windows 7, and you know it. (or, if you don't, go look at sales data and learn a thing or two!)

Screw MS and screw them selling us "Pink Slime" and calling it steak!

christocolus1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Long before 2003 MS has been doing really well,infact since the 90s they've been doing really great. You say they've lost their way and all their products suck but year on year their financials keep improving. They've dabbled into a lot of things in the past and some ended up not being great(most tech companies do).. but the surface pro and windows phones aint one of their failures..those devices are cool . They've also got a new CEO who seems to be a lot forward thinking than his predecessor.. It can only get better for them from here on out.

Also a VR device with eye tracking tech coupled with kinect2 could produce some really amazing results. So say whatever you want bro but i think MS needs to gubble this tech up and include it into their VR plans.

HugoDrax1449d ago

You are aware that Microsoft Surface was the name of their TOUCHSCREEN Tables right? Ever seen the movie "The Island"?

Whore_Mouth1449d ago

I like how you used an alt. to defend you.

Dehnus1449d ago

Have you ever worked with a Surface or a Windows Phone?

I work on a Surface 2 Pro daily for my work and I find it fantastic. But hey... inferior of course to your iPad of which you can't even install anything yourself.

JeffKang1445d ago

"Surface 2 Pro daily for my work and I find it fantastic"

Additional technology to better deal with the larger amount of touch UI features of Windows 8

Maybe Microsoft should consider convincing touchscreen laptop and touchscreen manufacturers to integrate an eye tracker into the devices’ front-facing camera.

Non-touch UI: Use your eyes to initially eye-teleport the cursor near your target, and then use the mouse to finish the selection (already a feature of the consumer eye trackers that are available now).

Touch UI: If you’re using a touch user interface with larger buttons, like Windows 8 Metro tiles, or Android launcher icons, then you don’t necessarily need the accuracy of the mouse, so you can temporarily put the mouse aside.
Instead, you can touch a “click-what-I’m-looking-at” button on the keyboard.
You don’t have to keep reaching out at a touchscreen, or constantly switching between a vertical and flat touchscreen.

Introducing eye-tracking could help Microsoft further market touch UIs.

redwin1449d ago

MS came out with the first ever smartphone. Their problem is they get to the party too early. Look it up. MS was pushing digital when Sony was pushing blueray, remember?

ScorpiusX1449d ago

MS was pushing tablets before apple.

ScorpiusX1449d ago

Like everyone following and trying to perfect Morton L. Heilig. Invention , so yeah MS is following Morton L. Heilig .

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DeadRabbits1449d ago

Looks like kinect is being stuck in a bag with a few bricks and brought down to the riverbank!

TRD4L1fe1449d ago

looks like rabbits makes another useless comment

christocolus1449d ago


For someone who claims to hate the xbx one,you sure spend a lot of time around xbx articles. Tlou resmastered is out, sonys ps now is being beta tested also they just released their financial statement. Why don't you spend more time on those articles instead of trolling here?

Also if you tried using your brain a bit you would know that kinect and MS VR tech would be a great combo.. but no, you'd rather troll. Keep it up.


You actually NEED Kinect for VR... think about it.

GW2121449d ago

The hypocrisy from the XBoys should be hilarious on this one.

Sony is doing VR? Not gonna work...

MS is doing VR? What a great move...

Where is truefan? I wonder if he heard about Sony's profitable Q1 yet. I bet he has. I bet I made sure of it.

mrpsychoticstalker1449d ago

Why the need to mention truefan? Grow up already dude.

The difference here is that Ms has enough capital to support VR for years to come, Sony on the other hand is pretty much gambling with it.

While I wish Sony the best of luck with project Morpheous, VR has been around since the 80s and it hasn't really been successful. I personally think that the Oculus will use the technology on a more meaningful way than just gaming .

SteamPowered1449d ago

Maybe its time to let go of your hatred dude.

GW2121449d ago

You kids say "dude" a lot. Is that what the kids are saying these days?

testerg351449d ago

Where's the "xboys" saying all that on this article? All I see are ps fans.

rorytmeadows1449d ago

Microsoft patented a version of VR years ago...

strangeaeon1449d ago

I think you are jumping to conclusions, son. I don't see anyone expressing excitement over this, curiousity at best.I still feel VR is niche in its current state.

xDHAV0K24x1449d ago

ps3 owner: pffft pay for online!? never
ps4 owner: TAKE MY MONEY!

christocolus1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Not calling you a liar. But pls prove it.. Show us where xbx “fanboys ” said vr won't work. I recall seeing a lot of comments from gamers on both sides of the camp(even pc gamers) it seems majority want to see how the tech will work. some are indeed optimistic about it while others are taking a wait and see approach. Yes some gamers don't believe in the tech at all but its not just xbx fans..and I cant recall a certain faction calling VR crap. If it ends up delivering ill surely get it for ps and xbx.

nicksetzer11449d ago

VR is going to flop, I don't care who does it. Honestly I hope MS doesn't waste their time. Kinect will allow a better VR scenario, but who wanta to wear a freaking helmet that has to be charged and takes away console resources? (like RAM)

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