F1 2014 coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2015 (Also includes F1 2014 Current Gen Gameplay Trailer)

onPause writes:

While there will be no PS4 or Xbox One versions of F1 2014, there is a new game in the works which will hit sometime in 2015.

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pwnsause_returns1328d ago

Can't wait to see this years f1, it's going to be pretty interesting with the other racers releasing this same year.

LAWSON721327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Maybe it is just me but I don't think most people interested in FH2 and Driveclub would be interested in a simulator of F1 racing. I guess those looking forward to Project Cars for the simulation aspect might be though.

mcroddi1327d ago

We should see a lot more of F1 2014 soon since it launches in October!

Drakesfortune1327d ago

no next gen version again!!! pissed!

Farsendor11327d ago

next gen isn't going to be here for at least 5 years from now. what are you talking about?

mcroddi1327d ago

Next Gen is coming in mid-2015... with live season updates as the F1 season comes along.

grashopper1327d ago

I notice they chose music over engine noise for the trailer.
Wonder why... ;)

8831327d ago

Love the comment!

To be fair, I have actually come to somewhat enjoy the sound of the turbos and hearing all the mechanical workings (though I still miss the ultra high-rev scream).

I'm just wondering. If winning is the desire, and the in-game cars follow the current real world situation, will the average player want to drive anything other than a Mercedes?

grashopper1327d ago

I'm not sure about online but I think offline in career mode it won't make much difference. Like sports games you have that team you're loyal to for whatever reason. They may not be the best but in your hands you get to see them win at all.
Plus easy wins isn't always where the fun is at.

Codey471327d ago

I miss the V8 sound.

I was wondering when Codemasters were gunna pull their finger out. Little disappointing...but at least we'll get to play it.