My Sony Microsoft & Square Enix Star Ocean Remnant Rant

SCRAWL: "Yeah, it was hard to think of a title for this one. If you haven't noticed, I'm really pissed off about today's news that Star Ocean: The Last Hope is only for the Xbox 360 and The Last Remnant will be hitting the Xbox 360 first."

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PS360WII3836d ago

You know franchises switch consoles. Final Fantasy has been on NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PC, 360, and soon PS3. Dragon Quest is the same NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, and soon DS. Oh and as far as Star Ocean yeah that started out on SNES so what of it. Square Enix is a 3rd party developer they do not need to make a new game for a franchise on the same brand as the last one. If that was indeed the golden rule we would see a lot more Nintendo exclusives.

Marceles3836d ago

Well one thing is that this isn't the almighty Squaresoft's Square Enix. Once FF11 came out, that's when the multiplatforms began. FF Tactics on Game Boy Advance, Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube...but before all this, Square Enix was practically Playstation exclusive other than finally bringing FF7 and FF8 to the PC and those other Wonderswan releases. It looks like they're just testing out their options now, and are still looking to make money since they took a big hit from that Final Fantasy movie.

So...yes it's weird that we can't link Square to Playstation only anymore, but looks like we'll have to get used to it. I'm sure they're experimenting and looking to make money...and I've seen plenty of articles of Square-Enix talking about the PS3's price range and direction it's headed...PS3 has the Final Fantasies on lock and for PS3 fans, they can only hope Square Enix is starting to see what Sony really wants to do with the system and happy with the price drops that will occur later. I wouldn't make a rant about this though...the guy on the article is totally pissed off lol...

FredFredrickson3836d ago

And before that they were SNES exclusive. Whining about what they used to do in an effort to change what they are doing now is pointless, because they are obviously seeing much more success by developing games for multiple platforms.

Honestly, I don't understand why people complain about this stuff. On the one hand, they desperately want Square to develop exclusively for their console. And on the other hand, they refuse to buy the other consoles that Square develops for. You can't have it both ways.

If you want to play all their games, pick up the respective systems and play 'em. In the meantime, the less moaning about it, the better.

pimpstation3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

It's quite obvious the M$ is cuttin some deals with Square Enix to try and sabotage the PS3.

That's the only way they can compete. It's why they bought up Rare and Bungie and all sorts of games (Gears, Bioshock, ect.) Hell, it's not just games, it's everything. Microsoft makes bad products that can't compete, but due to their dirty business tricks they manage to force everyone else out and take over a market. It's why we gots to use that wack windows garbage. Keep on going xbox fans and soon they'll have an abusive monopoly in games as well. I hope the government prosecutes them again and this time actually goes through with breaking em up.

FredFredrickson3836d ago

The fact that you're spelling a company's name with a $ in it suggests that your suppositions into their business methods probably aren't based on any sort of fact.

If you want people to take you seriously in these discussions, cast aside the idiotic rhetoric and form a real opinion.

LastDance3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

FredFredrickson - sorry mate..where not all made of money.....

ps- I dont know much about star ocean but im going to assume that Playstation brand made it was it is today. If i was a fan of this game i would be absolutly fuming.

Sooo banjo kazooie should be on the wii(im quite aware that rare are making it but kids deserve it and will probably buy it compared to a fanbase who probably wont even give it a shot), star ocean should be on the playstion...anything else microsoft want to ruin for every1 else?

3836d ago
jadenkorri3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

when they release a game that originally got its name on the ps1/ps2, the sales figures for the 360 are low compared to the previous game on the ps1/ps2... Look at ace combat 6, it did horrible on the 360, cause it had no fan base unless they went and got a 360, chances are they didn't, unfortunately star ocean is another and will prob get mediocre sales compared to be releasing on the ps3, BTW, star ocean is like FF in Japan, so i highly doubt they will ignore them, i don;t mind multi-platform, but F'in timed or MS paying the big bucks to ruin a game is pissing me off as well.. i loved the ace combat series and i own every one, since Ace combat 6 is not coming to ps3, when Tom Clancy's Hawk comes out, im trading them all in for that... It'll be the last of Namco product I'll buy.. I want SOul Calibur, but screw that, maybe ill buy a previously viewed copy, at least its supporting someone i like rather than f'in Namco... if MS want my business, stop the fracking big checks and dirty business..

Megaton3836d ago

Some of you may not like what pimpstation has to say, or how he says it, but it really is more or less the truth. If you've been paying attention to the electronics industry for the past couple decades, you'd know that Microsoft has a reputation for dirty business. They're very aggressive and will do whatever they can to get ahead, even when it hurts the consumer or breaks the law.

One recent example of this would be the 360. Any electronic device that breaks as much as the 360 should have been recalled, period. Instead they cover it with a warranty (helpful, but not fixing the problem at all) and continue to rigorously advertise and sell potentially faulty hardware to the average ignorant consumer. A recall would have been the ethical thing to do, but it would have sucked up their entire install base back to the factory, and cost them valuable time and money in the upcoming console war. Better for them, worse for the consumer.

Another example is Vista. After trying to cram it down everyone's throat and failing because it happens to be much worse than XP, they're already talking about Windows 7 coming in 2009. Of course they're still selling Vista with the same vigor and enthusiasm, and will no doubt expect all those unlucky Vista users to upgrade once again when it rolls out. Good for business, worse for the consumer.

Take from that what you will, call me whatever you want, but I'll always be against bad business practices, no matter who is perpetrating them.

Dannagar3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Infinite Indiscovery was pitched before Playstation 3 development system were out and is part of the reason why it was birthed on Xbox 360. It's because of this, that Star Ocean 4 may have been developed on Xbox 360 as well, simply because they had development systems and experience.

News from Last year:

"Tri-Ace has posted a job recruitment ad in Japan to look for designers, game planners and programmers for two new titles, one is a new fantasy RPG, the other one is a new installment of a popular fantasy RPG, and both projects are planned for Xbox 360. It seems like the two RPGs refer to Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean 4."

Last Remnant uses the Unreal III engine. It's possible that Square Enix is having problems with it on PS3 or that development is going much slower. Just a thought.

The only people that feel Microsoft is ruining gaming are Playstation 3 fans. I loved the Sega Saturn. I remember what it felt like when Saturn games were getting delayed, canceled or going exclusive to Playstation One. It really sucked. I wasn't a fan of the original Xbox but as a gamer, I'm pleased with the Xbox 360. You can try and spin numbers but Xbox 360 games sell well.

Bladestar3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

@jadenkorri - no.. microsoft is not running gaming ... at least people that play Gears, Bioshock, Mass Effect, NG2, and a ton of other games don't think so... You are angry at microsoft for trying.. and also for the value that they give developers... you see... Sony is free to invest more into gaming and what do they do? Well... they go for blu-ray... remember all the money that Sony and blu-ray camp game movie studios to support only blu-ray... also, the money that Sony was willing to lose to ensure that blu-ray wins? how about doing all that for what you call gaming? Well.. you see microsoft has no blu-ray to focus on... so where will their money go? Into the people that make games.... because microsoft knows one thing... keep developers happy... and they will keep supporting the system... in terms they will make royalties and the xbox 360 will enjoy more fans which in terms will ensure the xbox brand future... it's that simple... unlike sony that says, "We don't pay for exclusive games.. bla bla bla"... but why not? what's so bad about giving developers some money back from the money that console makers are making? is a two way street.. why should microsoft, Sony and Nintendo keep all the money they make when developers are also working hard?

If by you making a game for my platform will bring $100,000,000 in profits... what's so bad about me giving you $20,000,000 to keep you happy? You the one who made me make the extra $80,000,000...
Every game that microsoft has paid for exclusive... time exclusive or what not... bioshock or Gears... even GTA already made microsoft the money back in royalties... it's the smart thing to do...

Why did nintendo lose the console war to Sony? the very same thing... Nintendo wanted all the money for them.. and didn't want to share with 3rd party developers... Sony paid for exclusives... became partners with all those developers for PS1... now that Sony got a brand... they , "Do not do such thing?"... really?
The money microsoft is paying for time exclusives or for bring a game to the xbox 360... is money that belongs to the developers anyways... without their games money wouldn't be made... Microsoft knows this... Why do you think windows have more software than other OS? why most games are made for windows when developers can run and make all their games for linux instead... most people don't get it... ehh? I don't care if my partner makes $9 and I make $1 when he is the one doing all the work... that's $1 I wouldn't make he is not around...

isn't obvious.. microsoft is writing all these checks.. and paying for exclusives and time exclusives... and yet the xbox division is profitable... isn't that something? And sony is not doing that... and yet they are still on red... do you know why? Sorry but 3rd party developers no longer have to beg sony to publish their games on the PS3... no longer developer have to do the "take it or leave it offer"... Sony is welcome to share some profits too... stop spending all that money on blu-ray and spend it on developers... the people that brings revenues.. and you will see how things change...

Mr Fancy Pants3836d ago

People don't get stress out for this, lets wait for E3 to see what Sony is cooking... or some other event.

MADGameR3836d ago

SONY made FF bigger than what it was. FF got very popular when it hit the PS consoles.

bakasora3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I swear why Square-Enix move SO4 to X360.
I swear why Sony doesn't do anything.
I swear why Microsoft has so much money to buy exclusive.
I swear why a X360 will get RROD.
I swear why a PS3 is a waiting machine.
I swear why does a Wii cost as much as a PS3 in my country.

Im done. I feel better now.

Tomdc3836d ago

I'm not really to fussed about this as a PS3 owner. The only JRPGs I'm really interested in is final fantasy 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3. Sure it would be nice to try some new ones but I'm content with these two =)

As long as KH3 comes to PS3 that is...

Bloodwar3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

I'm sick of all this fanboy crap. Calm down everyone. Some folk have made THE point! Listen. There is money to be had by going exclusive 360 or timed exclusives or even multi. There is also money to be had by going Exclusive PS3. If there are 18 to 20 million 360's vs 10 to 12 PS3's then, then Square Enix knew they could make money on the 360. We are seeing success with many of the JRPGs coming out on 360. And to all those that are saying, "Sony doesn't care about their fanbase", yet you are slamming MS over putting money into making sure their fanbase gets the exclusives, shouldn't you consider going with the console where the console maker must care about their fanbase for putting money into making sure we get exclusives? Sony might be relying solely on their name to get exclusives..maybe it won't happen.. maybe it will.. or perhaps Sony is doing some money transactions on the side to ensure that they get some exclusives. I think for someone to say, "I'm not going to buy another product that goes multi", ie AC6, thats just ignorant. AC6 is a brilliant game.. better looking, larger and more fun than the previous titles. I own a PS2, so I know this, I own a 360... and when God of War 3 comes out, I'm going to own my PS3.

Wow, some of you just make no sense. If I was saying MS doesn't care about its RPG fanbase and I was an RPG'er--which I am sometimes-- I would move on. But all the consoles are getting RPGs of some form or another exclusively, so it might just mean owning all the damn consoles.. which is a worthy investment. Spend sometime playing the game-not complaining about how Sony does its business vs how MS does its.

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Silogon3836d ago

I still can't wrap my head around how Square has yet to produce a single ps3 game and yet the ps3 fans think they're still loyal to Sony. I see 3 xbox 360 square games and not 1 Ps3 game, besides the absurd looking ff13, which now we know Star Ocean looks just as good.

Whoooop3836d ago

Someone said POG...... It actually makes sense..


Drekken3836d ago

Well looks like we have an all time record from someone going from 6 bubbles to 1 bubble. And warranted at that!

predator3836d ago

get over it already jesus

Fishy Fingers3836d ago

Yeah I always thought Jesus was a bit of a wet blanket.

pwnmaster30003836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

i agree with u pog lets move on, i for one dont care, because if its not a time exclusive i still got the 360.

i just feel srry for the people who only got a ps3 and feel betrayed by square.

but its not really square its really tri-ace

Maverick_3836d ago

Dude its STAR OCEAN. These games have NEVER sold well, it's going to BOMB on the 360 and it's a b level RPG (When your talking about from Square Enix).

Like Square Eniz already said...they will never develop on the 360 and they kept that promise. Tri are making a couple of games for the 360 and there's a VERY good chance Star Ocean is already in the works right now and they just made an agreement to not say anything until a certain amount of time passes....kinda like with Bioshock...hahahahhahahahahhah aha

WHO CARES. Squares Eniz is EXCLUSIVELY developing the next Final Fantasy games on the PS3. It's taking forever becuase the games are going to be RIDICUOUSLY huge and amazing. Tri ace isn't Square Eniz and they aren't Level 5 either.

The 360 needs this. And their still just timed Exlcusives. Nothing to cry over. lol

theKiller3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

i had it on ps2 and played it 10 minute and then never again!! it looked good though, but its just not like FF!!!!

well square enix keep it up and make more time exclusives for 360 if u wanna loose market and make ur name lower and even loose more money!!!

i cant wait and see the sales of these games on 360!!

The Last Remnant?? well we dont know anything about it and white night stories looks similar to it and might top it!!

Light Yagami3836d ago

I'm pretty sure Star Ocean 4 is a timed exclusive. But still Sony should do something to secure some exclusive JRPGs. Good thing I own a 360, so I can enjoy these JRPGs. At least it's not coming out on Wii.

FredFredrickson3836d ago

I'm not a Wii owner myself, but I'm not sure I understand why there would be a problem with it coming out on Wii...? It'd be the smart choice for publishers, if all they are looking at is worldwide install base.

RememberThe3573836d ago

Funny how these JRPGs are coming out on a console that doesn't sell for sh*t in the big J.

Oh, and FredFrenrickson( I think thats right)... M$! You see what I did there? With the $ where the S is suppose to be? In your FACE! YEAH!

ArmrdChaos3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

$ just as well if not better.

RememberThe3573836d ago

Holy crap! That does work! I'm so using that from now until I forget about it.

InMyOpinion3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

There's a reason you don't see "$ony" being written that often on this site though.

Max Power3836d ago

they don't throw money around.

The Lazy One3835d ago

It's because sony fans have a harder time dealing with criticism of their lord and master.

goodbye bubbles.

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