PlayStation App Updated

Regular users of the Official PlayStation App will be happy to know that it has received a brand new update on both iOS and Android. Although the update doesn't seem to contain any new features, it's nice to see that Sony are managing to keep up with managing both devices simultaneously, and alongside updates for the PlayStation 4.

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DeadRabbits1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Amazing how SONY can keep on top of so many devices at once plus deliver AAA content while others struggle with one or two!

A modern day miracle!


Each announcement by SONY lately makes me feel like a little kid at xmas, its like xmas every other day!

towelie12881424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

LOL JESUS........ are you a little kid?....


An Adult Cartoon...............

MysticStrummer1424d ago

…asked the guy named after a cartoon towel.

jukins1424d ago

something tells me more "kids" than adults watch that . . . .

christian hour1424d ago

I watch Adventure Time and I'm a 27 year old man child, what does that have to do with anything?

Muzikguy1424d ago

"Update doesn't seem to contain any new features".
What are you talking about? If they're doing so well why are so many things missing from the PS4 still?! I like updates but "stability" is all we've been getting and that's hardly a modern day miracle. More like a blunder to have to keep stabilizing the system/app

Goro1424d ago

True, we're still waiting on lots of the PS4 features we were promised at E3 2013, some of which haven't even been mentioned since but i guess all you N4G Sony fanboys will disagree with this fact because you guys would take a bullet to protect your golden Sony.

Muzikguy1423d ago

I like Sony and I got blasted with disagrees for stating my opinion. Funny site, that's for sure. I'll probably lose a bubble too. I can have my own opinions about companies I like. Just like Sony saying they want everyone's feedback in that PSNow beta but refuse to comment on retro titles (feedback given) and other things. I question companies I like because they'll still test your loyalty if you allow it. Being a free thinker and not allowing companies to tell you how/when/and why you should do things is the way to be IMO.

Spotie1423d ago

And a bunch of disagrees just mean people have a different opinion than yours. Cry moar.

Besides, you act as if there have been NO updates, and the things you and others want can just be implemented overnight.

You can be bothered or upset or pissed off if you want; you have that right. But Sony told us all up front that this was a gaming-focused console. There really is no point bitching about the lack of non-gaming apps or features, as that SHOULD have been a given.

And this isn't to say the system is perfect. Far too many people get wrapped up in that think that people who aren't going crazy over every little "missing" thing is happy and wants nothing to change. Rather, we know how to be patient. We know this stuff doesn't all come overnight (one of the reasons why comparisons to the PS3 are silly).

You don't have to be content. But at least be reasonable.

Goro1424d ago

You sound like an over-religious grandmother.

Fishy Fingers1424d ago

App still needs a lot of work. It's pretty shoddy considering what Sony are capable off.

dantesparda1424d ago

Really, what's wrong with it? Works fine for me

GW2121424d ago

I'll agree with Fishy. It's not terrible but it's not as smooth as the XB smartglass app. Just needs a UI overhaul in my opinion. Pieces are all there.

I prefer my PS4 over my XB1 but that's one (very) small area where I don't.

Elzer1424d ago

Works fine.... Lmao... I'm guessing you have no clue how GODLIKE XBOX ONE'S SMARTGLASS operates compared to the psn app....

Muzikguy1424d ago

I like the app. Use it all the time for the Store because I don't like the store on the PS4

christian hour1424d ago

Yup I've done all my store purchasing through the app, sometimes the irish version of the PSN store on PS4 doesn't update immediately, sometimes not for a day or two after the UK and US ones have been updated (they are VERY different content wise, we cant get movies unlimited in IE either, I've got a uk, us, ie and JP account :P)

If I access the store from the app though, It's all there :)

kurruptor1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Downloaded update on Android. Don't see any differences.

Why do we need a news article?

ZeoZan1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

It's a little faster than before THANKS SONY *^_^*

Bebedora1424d ago

Good with an app and all. Could be really good down the road of time.

I would like them to fix the audio output problem I have with my PS4 instead. It delivers HDMI _and_ optic sound to my receiver. At the same time. I want to choose to turn one off. Googled like holy moly macaroni and... nothing.

matgrowcott1423d ago

While that's a sucky problem, there's actually two teams working on the console/iOS updates. They could release the coolest PlayStation App ever and it wouldn't really have any direct effect on the PS4.

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