Frugal Gaming Review | 4pm

Lets get this out of the way at the beginning 4PM is not a game, and as such it won’t be getting a score, this is more of a recommendation than a review - Writes PridedLlama

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UglyGeezer1446d ago

I like the sound of this.

I really liked Dear Esther, that completely absorbed my time with it.

Gone Home was interesting, but I found the 'narrator' a bit of a spoilt brat, but was interesting to dislike someone so much and be in their shoes.

PridedLlama1446d ago

Still not played Dear Esther and I did like Gone Home too, but she was rather whiny.

Considering the myriad of crap that's on steam for around the same price as this it's really worth checking out just cause it's so different.

karlosmorale1446d ago

I just have this thing where I tend to prefer, you know, games. Still, it does sound interesting-ish.