Bourne-like acrobatics in The Bourne Conspiracy game

Siliconera writes: "A Bourne game so violent that Matt Damon refused to lend his voice to it? Sure, sign me up! That and the fact that you get to drive a Mini are the only things that I knew about The Bourne Conspiracy before diving into it.

The main draw for me in playing a Bourne game is to feel like a bad-ass and pull off ninja-like moves with Jason Bourne-like finesse. In that regard, the game delivers 100%. Boring button-mashing hand to hand combat is polished with take-down moves which can be performed once the stamina meter builds up. Pressing B will activate a take-down move on the current enemy, which uses whatever objects and environments are nearby. This means that even if you're fighting someone in a small room, your take-down move can vary from slamming his head into the glass of a window, throwing him into a wall, or grabbing a screwdriver from a tool chest and stabbing the enemy multiple times in the arm."

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