Infinity Ward to Lucas Arts: We're hiring

Todays COD4 Message of the Day from Infinity Ward was aimed at those who have suffered from the LucasArts job cuts. The message simply tells them "Infinity Ward is hiring".

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Hydrolex3811d ago

and name it Modern Warfare 2.

Then it's is our new COD5 with different name.

and the original COD5 will fail because you all know why.

ATLRoAcH3811d ago

...will be their Modern Warfare 2.

Caxtus7503811d ago

no COD 6 will come in 2009 most likely. Alternate developers (TReyarch are making (COD5) means a game every year each having a 2 year dev cycle.

ATLRoAcH3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

It will be 2009 like Chexd said. They're working on it as we speak. It goes Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Treyarch....and so on. Where did you get 2011?

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MK_Red3811d ago

lol, nice.
Infinity Ward rules.

Close_Second3811d ago

...they nab someone with lobby development skills as the McDonalds graduate who built the one for COD4 should go back to serving burgers.

Joe29113811d ago

Treyarch are developing whats known as COD: world at war, which is the fifth installment however, i just read somewhere that IW will keep the title COD5:........

Also, i know this may sound stupid to some, but could IW separate from Activision and develop and different game that is like COD4, but they don't want to wait another year because of Treyarch? I mean COD4 was so successful why not make another one while people can still remember how good it was? OR has IW got a contract with Activision or something? I want IW to develop the next COD!!! AND i definitely don't want to see the time where my grand dad lived again (i.e. WWII)

Blasphemy3811d ago

I think what's happening is Infinity Ward is keeping the number names of the series like 5 and 6 etc.. while Treyarch creates spinoffs with names like the new World at War. I think IW is trying to let people know they are the original developers of the game that's why you see their name all over the game exspecially while it's loading during multiplayer.

yesah3811d ago

rofl i saw this on COD.

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