PS4 Update 1.76 to 1.80 highly requested features

PRW: "We were one of the first to break the news on the PS4 1.75 update going live earlier this week. As expected, Sony finally gave users 3D Blu-Ray support and in-turn, managed to get the feature out before Microsoft who are still putting the final touches on the Xbox One August 2014 update which will also introduce the same feature.

While it’s great to be able to watch our 3D Blu-Ray collection on our PS4 at last, we can still see that there are a number of missing PS4 features that users are still begging Sony for."

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Bennibop1425d ago

There is a folder on the PS4 UI its called Library. We need Sony to do a Pin feature so we can post games & apps of our choice on dashboard and limit it to say 20 items. The library then needs filters to sort games by type.

colonel1791424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I was thinking the exact same thing. We should be able to control what's on the dashboard, and then have everything else on the library. Once you choose library, you can then sort by name, type, etc. and have folders.

We should also be able to sort things in the dashboard. I hate that things move by recent, when I want them to stay where they are.

NukaCola1424d ago

I want to remove the icons for apps I won't use. I don't like having an NBA or MLB app stuck to my screen when all I want is hulu and Netflix etc etc

Zenith4k1424d ago

Great idea by this time next year I'll be navigating a dashboard for 20 min ;)

C-H-E-F1424d ago

Uhm saying playstation... Blah blah always gets me to where I need to be but this would make the UI better.

mark3214uk1424d ago

this feature has to come as some point surely

Conzul1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Careful though, someone decided that the library is inaccessible when your internet connection is out. Don't wanna put ALL your games in there.

Try it. Disable your internet connection and try to open your library folder. lawl amirite? FIXIT SONY!
Also offline trophy view FFS!!!!!

Also a timer by each game so we can see how long played...

Also make the browser preserve logins so I don't have to log in to my sites every damn time I open it...

Also remove confirmation notifications from voice-command screenshots. Every voice-command screenshot I take has that damn "Say A Command" notice watermarked on it...

Also fix the SHARE Video function it's still broken...

Also while watching a person broadcast let me switch their PSCamera feed and their gameplay feed so I can chose which one I wanna focus on...

Oh, and for the love of God, media libraries like PS3 had.

opoikl1424d ago

Yes to having a timer record your playtime for each game! That's something I've wanted since the early PS3 days.

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TheFanboySlayer1424d ago

My list of things Sony has to fix
1. DLNA and MP3 Support
2. Playstation Now Prices
3. Notification of Friends Online
4. The ability to share ONLY to your Playstation friends and not just Facebook and Twitter

New Features they need to add
1. More customization for our profile
2. The ability to "follow" people like famous people and youtube/livestream stars
3. Customizeable UI background and Icons

Sparticus_11424d ago

Follow famous people from a ps4? You arent serious are ya? That is by far the most outrageous feature Ive seen asked for. LMAO

Couldntfindasn1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Its a feature available on Xbox one, for example this would've been nice(for me) a couple years ago when Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson played COD and would post his GT on twitter/FB for people to play with, we couldn't add him but "following" him would be cool to see when hes playing a maybe joining his match. Not a outrageous feature lol

Christopher1424d ago

What I want right now:

1. The ability to have a 'games' folder instead of a huge bar of games I played in the last 9 months. I know I can delete them, but some of them I want to stay around, just not in that manner.

2. The ability to either hide apps I don't have or want installed or at least an option to go between two category tabs for 'installed' and 'not installed' apps (navigate between the tabs using R1/R2 or the like). This is specifically aimed at the TV/Movies category where I have to constantly see all the options there rather than the 3 I use on a regular basis (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix). I have no need for NHL, Crackle, and similar items. Why do I have to see them and why do some of them push down the items I do use regularly?

What I want in the near future:

1. DLNA/Media Server recognition/capability w/a wide array of format support.

2. True 1080p screenshots rather than 720p or less depending on the service to which I am sharing the images.

3. G+/YouTube integration for posting pictures/videos to specific circles. This is where the majority of the people I game/talk games with reside and having to post to facebook where only I can see it, save it, and re-upload to G+ is a pain in the butt.

4. Trophies that auto-synchronize as soon as they are earned rather than daily or manual updates.

OpenGL1424d ago

Use the USB export feature for true 1080p screenshots and then upload them to the website of your choice. It's a much better choice as the jpeg compression quality is pretty good.

Christopher1424d ago

@OpenGL: Still a pain and we shouldn't be dealing with the upload compression at all. But, yeah, I could do that.

bez871424d ago

Fully agree, I have over 10 retail games and all the PS+ games on there, it's getting a little harder to find games and with the app folders just shoved between them it's all looking a mess, great idea, always thought what is the point of having a Library App if everything you have anyway is shoved on the dash. good idea ya should work for sony get things moving quicker, it's the actual one feature i really want more than any other.

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Zenith4k1424d ago

Can anyone answer me this please, I don't have a 3d TV and even if I did I can't see 3d (iv got one shitty eye) so instea of it taking up space on my hard drive can I just delete it, and also do newer updates delete older ones or are they all needed to keep a constant "stability" for the ps 4 thanks in advance

KwietStorm1424d ago

Can you delete what? The firmware? It just overwrites itself. It's not taking up any space.

Zenith4k1424d ago

Okay thanks for that wasn't sure cheers

BitbyDeath1424d ago

Firmware is the operating system, it isn't an application.

Christopher1424d ago


Just to be clear, you cannot delete portions of firmware. But, unlike what others have said, it does take up space but it's space that's automatically allocated to the firmware (aka OS) already. So, say there's 5GB of firmware space allocated, you may only be using 3GB of it now and the other 2GB is reserved for future updates but unused at this time.

Steptoe1424d ago

I think they'll have to do the pin feature or something similar. Soon, as more games come it's gonna be an endless scroll. It wouldn't suprise me if the Ui gets a total overhaul.

stavrami-mk21424d ago

Dualshock use with remote play on one account would be appreciated

tenacious_b1424d ago

All I want is ps4 media server so I can get out of last gen purgatory with my ps3. Oh and youtube app and we're done.

BitbyDeath1424d ago

App is said to be coming for Youtube but in the meantime if you goto you will see the exact same layout that came with the PS3 youtube app.

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