Sony Declines to Give Specific Numbers for PS4 Sales; Investment on PSN Coming due to "Huge" Numbers

After posting positive financials for Q1 2014, Sony held a briefing for Japanese investors that has just concluded Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida, Corporate Executive Hiroki Totoki and Senior General Manager Kazuhiko Takeda described the situation of the market, new investments for PSN and the situations in Japan, while declining to provide specific numbers for PS4 sales.

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Bennibop1119d ago

I do think they have refused to give number of PS4 sales this is just Sonys quarterly financial report they always bundle the PS2,3 & 4 sales numbers together. I am sure we will be given a figure at Gamescom.

Kayant1119d ago

And sold-through not shipped. Funny though the headline is
"Sony Declines to Give Specific Numbers for PS4 Sales" when actual statement is - "I cannot give you details about the number of sales of different console"

Infamous2981119d ago

Gotta generate some hits somehow lol.

IndoAssassin1119d ago

Well from now on it will only be shipped numbers. Before they could say sold through due to all the shipments they made being sold out. Now they don't have a supply problem, and the only way they can track sold PS4's is through firms like NPD.

So if they state a sold through figure again I will be surprised.

Abriael1119d ago

Because they're included in the "different consoles" and because that's what everyone wants to know, including the one that asked the question, incidentally.

Eonjay1119d ago


I can guarentee that they are merely holding back for dramatic effect in September or whenever they cross that 10 million unit threshold.

LordMaim1119d ago

@IndoAssassin: They can keep quoting sold-through as long as the distributors/retailers keep ordering stock. Its only once they have stock sitting out there on shelves for months that the difficulty sets in.

gaffyh1118d ago

@Eonjay - Yeah, pretty much. They would have said it if they had passed 10 mil, they must be just under, and thought it was pointless announcing yet.

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Magicite1118d ago

Im pretty sure they will announce 10m milestone pretty soon.

DeadRabbits1119d ago

The PS4 is about to go where no console has gone before! We are on the cusp of Gaming Nirvana!

Volkama1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

Don't try it. It won't flush and it won't work after you fish it out.

wsoutlaw871119d ago

Damn i thought it would flush

ElementX1119d ago

Next gen somebody will make the same comment...

RosweeSon1119d ago

Id say they are very shy of the 10 million mark, announcement will be make in a week or 2 last I heard it was nearly 7 around end of April, they sold 3.5 (with ps3) this last quarter and we've had the whole of July since then as well, not to mention the last of us due out this week, 10 million here they come! ;)

Paprika1119d ago

N4G seems like a perfect place to just generate hits for fansites lol!

MysticStrummer1119d ago

It's seemingly the main purpose of N4G.

Paprika1118d ago

No, N4G is to bring news to gamers.sure this does, but I feel people abused it with poor headlines, multiples per day for hits and in turn revenue... easy money. N4G will generate thousands of uniques per day. Good for seo also. Again, great for website owners... but some sites will report the Sony CEO going for a toilet break as some shocking secret meeting with Xbox devs!

liquidhalos1118d ago

Dualcockers shock headline, finest one this week.

MasterCornholio1119d ago

I'm guessing that they will announce the sales at Gamescon.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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