Sony: PlayStation Business Expanding as Expected; Aims to Increase PS4 Install Base and Active Users

After posting surprisingly positive financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2014, Sony held a briefing for Japanese investors, during which Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida, Corporate Executive Hiroki Totoki and Senior General Manager Kazuhiko Takeda addressed questions from the audience.

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Afterlife1116d ago

PS4 domination continues.

Ausbo1116d ago

Breaking news

Sony wants to sell more ps4s


chrismichaels041116d ago

Its great to see the Playstation brand doing so well and becoming one of Sonys most successful products currently on the market today.

creatchee1116d ago


That's exactly what I thought lol

Seriously though... Sony is doing a good job staying in front of Microsoft and Nintendo in sales thus far. Even though "sell more" sounds obvious, it's way better than explaining the position of trying to catch up.

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LightDiego1116d ago

Great to hear about this, that's good for all gamers.

Genuine-User1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

Gaming can only expand.
Here's hoping the gaming industry makes as much, if not more profit than last gen.

lonelyplayer1116d ago

Good I have some Sony stock (bought it at 15.99) today it is 18.05 pre market :)

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