Is EA Access Worth Your Money?

OXCGN: "Yesterday, EA announced a new subscription service called ‘EA Access’ coming exclusively to Xbox One. Gamers will pay a monthly or annual fee ($6.99 or $39.99 AU respectively) and will have access to what EA is calling ‘The Vault’, a collection of games from their back catalogue, as well as access to 10% discounts and pre-release trials for newer games.

Yep, you read that right: You’re paying for the ability to pay less for their games. If this sounds like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Games with Gold, that’s because it’s essentially the same thing, but exclusively with EA titles."

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Mikelarry1272d ago

lol every time i read an argument against this service the first company that people talk about is Activision, because we know if activision gets on board this... GOD help us all.

OT: personally i don't agree with this service as it will no undoubtedly make a mess of how we get content from publishers, but i understand some gamers find value in this and hey kudos to them

djplonker1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

I agree the games listed are full of microtransactions for starters and the games are not good value.

Fifa 14 will be outdated in 2 months when fifa 15 comes out and you could buy fifa 14 for £3 when it does.

Battlefield 4 will be outdated in 6 months when hardline comes out

and anyone who thinks they will get a £50 game (dragon age 3 , fifa 15 , bf:hardline , star wars) added to the service within the first year of launching is an idiot.

spektical1272d ago

^ this.

not to mention many of the sport games will likely have their servers offline.

djplonker1272d ago

I did more research and the nfl game on this service will be outed in 27 days when madden 15 is out!

Team_Litt1272d ago

MY money? Yes. Especially since there is a monthly option, $5 a month for 4 AAA games is incredible value to me.

Those that don't like it have the option not to use it. But I sure am glad that option is available and I'm not being dictated to as to what is of great value to me.

uptownsoul1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Just so we're clear, do you believe that both Microsoft and Sony should accept EVERY subscription service deal, with every publisher, that they're presented? Because to turn ANY future deals down is to prevent their install bases that possible choice, right?

Team_Litt1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Let's go down this rabbit hole that everybody is so afraid of shall we?
EA Access spawns Activision Pass,
Ubisoft Gateway,
2K Portal,
Capcom Chest,
ect.... each for $30 a year or $5 a month...what is the problem exactly?
Are EA going to stop making and selling AAA games at $60 because of this? Nope.
Are we being forced to pay that $30? Nope.
If the other publishers want in on this too will mean we no longer have the ability to purchase their games like we do now? Cause I don't see that happening.

The only reason Sony is opposed to this is because it under values their rental service.

So what exactly is everybody worried about? Cheap OPTIONS to play games from all publishers? Oh no!

Even if the top 10 publishers each had their own subscription and you CHOSE to get them all, that would set you back $300 a year for at least 40 AAA games or you could buy 5 AAA games with that money and ignore the subscriptions altogether. CHOICE.

marlinfan101272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )



if you don't want to pay the 30$ a year, purchase the monthly one every 5-6 months and play all the new games in the vault as much as you want. any new ea games coming out that month? you get 10% off which saves you more money than you payed for the months subscription. i really don't get how someone could see this is a bad thing.

Rocky51272d ago

Good points.

I think a lot of people think if this happens, disc game will stop :-/ & we will be forced to purchase via subscription & to be honest £19.99 or slightly more for games I would buy anyway is a no brainer.

I mean, the only game I continue to play years later is the BF games, so every other EA title once I'm done I'm done & if that only took a week then £5 is a bargain.

I going from experience here, I bought murder soul suspect, completed it in 5 hours or so (same day I got it) & haven't touched it since, that's £45 & I'm pissed as it was way to easy & cost so much. So £5 a month for 4 games is a bargain as I will more than likely complete them & never touch them again & I can cancel the subscription until more games I like appear.

Note: I own all the games on EA Access bar the NFL, don't like thoughts type of games so I will opt in when games I'm interested appear, wish they done this sooner would have saved me £200. (BF4 with premium was £90)

Now I personally think Sony made the wrong move, but it's there company & they ultimately make the final decision. (Personally = my opinion)

Darkstares1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Let's see, we have video rentals, Netflix, Hulu Plus and many other services people can choose but you're telling me they don't like that?

People don't like paying for channels they watch on TV like HBO but would rather pay a high cost for a bundle of channels that they don't watch? Or should we go back to the stone age with music and force consumers to buy full albums and not be allowed to buy one song?

There are only a handful of publishers that can even pull this off with games. EA is one of the largest with a huge catalog of games, perhaps Ubisoft could too. The point is we still have the option to go and buy these games like we normally do. It's called ADDING more opportunities for gamers to access games.

uptownsoul1272d ago

Now, I'm not defending PS Now's pricing, in fact I hope all this controversy drops their prices down more. But Sony's ultimate goal with PS Now is to get its gaming catalog into the hands of non-console owners by way of an app directly through their TV(Smart TV, Chromcast dongle, or ethernet direct to TV). EA Access, in it's current form, couldn't possibly compete with that.

And while I understand giving the gamer choices, that doesn't mean the console manufacture should say yes to every single proposed idea. Now who knows maybe Sony was wrong for not saying yes to this, but if Microsoft says yes to every single proposition the Xbox division will thin itself out. But if they say no to any single idea should they be criticized for not giving that choice to it's customers?

In other words, EVERY company turns down products or services to present to their customers, should they be criticized for it each time?

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Bigpappy1272d ago

@Team_Litt: Very well explained. The best I have seen so far.

SharrySteve1272d ago

Monthly option is cooler than anything to gamers like me. Yes I think it is worth my money without a doubt. The service will keep its words as it has in the past I am sure. I am concerned about growing competition though. http://essayleaks.blogspot....

iistuii1272d ago

I'm just wondering about the Vault. When a game is in the Vault & I get to play it, will I get access forever with it or will it be removed for something else at a later date ??

Mikelarry1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

and I quote "Games will continue to be added to The Vault, and we currently have no plans to remove any game from The Vault, but we might not be able to keep games in The Vault forever. That said, you’ll be updated if and when a game is scheduled to leave The Vault"


ill leave you to make up your mind about that

TimeSkipLuffy1272d ago

I wonder why they won't be able to keep the games in the vault as long as their are subscribers... It's like MS would say to us that they might remove games from GfG even if you are a subscriber...

Sounds very wishi washi to me.

Rocky51272d ago

They can't uninstall it from you console, so I'm guessing as long as you have it installed you can play it, since the games will support offline play.

It just means if you uninstall the game & they remove it from the vault, you have no way of redownloading it.

Or you maybe able to using the Xbox One download history, we just don't know yet, this could also only effect new customers. ie, if you signed up after it was removed, you will never be able to get it.

Dewitt1272d ago

It probably just has to do with keeping the latest iteration of their software in the vault for users, so they can free up server room on the vault by dropping access to even older titles.

xxBiG_BoSSxx1272d ago

It doesn't matter if the game is installed on your hard drive. They kill the license for it.

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marlinfan101272d ago

The only time I could see them removing games is if people stop playing it. The whole point is to get a list of games that entices people into subscribing. No ones gonna subscribe if theyre removing games people like

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