Why EA Access is a step forward for console gaming

Console Monster writes: "The likes of Netflix, blinkbox and Amazon Instant Video (formerly Lovefilm) have changed the way we access films. The on-demand services allow users to stream movies from a huge library for as little as £5.99 a month. That’s cheaper than buying the latest DVD release and it’s considerably less than an outing to the cinema. In fact, £5.99 would just about buy you a drink and popcorn."

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DanielGearSolid1118d ago

How is this any different from Ps+?

Both offer free access to games

Both offer discounts

The early access thing I guess

IMO EA could have easily just put their games on Ps+

Feel like I would be paying for something I already had

frenchtoast1118d ago

PS+ is actually better value, bigger discounts, more games, more variety, more platforms, cheaper. I think it's because it's on Xbox that the fanboys have stuck on to it like leeches

Wizard_King1118d ago

If this style of cash grabbing is the way forward for gaming then count me out. Golf seems nice. Giving more\any money to EA is the last thing on my mind.

On a side note this whole vault thing is just designed so that the gamer in the end winds up owning nothing at all. It also makes it easier for them to pull up online services for games and use the servers for this years title.

Read the fine print, you basically want lube for the f*^*@! EA wants to give you.

DeadRabbits1118d ago Show
Funantic11118d ago

PS+ is way overpriced for old games.

youndamie1118d ago

@fun Really bro you think 49.99/Year is over priced?

Death1118d ago

The value of Plus is based on the games you actually play that are available on the service. My sub just expired and I'm not sure if I will renew anytime soon. The couple games I have actually played I could have bought cheaper and owned. If you play every game or even half the games available it is a great value. The same will hold true for EA's service. Value will be based on individual use and is subjective.

marlinfan101118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )


yeah if were talking about the free games then its way overpriced. striders the only ps+ game ive had any sort of interest in so far and i played that for about an hr. id much rather pay 30$ and get the 4 games ea access is offering than pay 50$ and get 2 games that i have no interest in every month. the only reason ill continue to purchase ps+ is to play online. of course it'll get better over time but I'm talking about what we've seen so far and what ea access has to offer already

Reddzfoxx1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I don't get the comparison to PS+ and EA Access. If anything its comparable to PSNow except its a subscription based and right now only a single publisher.

PS+ is comparable to Xbox Live because they are online subscriptions services offered by console manufacturers to play online.

I think $30 a year to get EA's games easily pays for itself if your a sports enthusiast. And with Dragon Age coming age coming soon it offer people a chance to play it for a few months before buying it ...that is if they decide its worth a purchase.

I am not sure why Sony feels there isn't value for the customer... Sounds like Sony thought they could make more overcharging on PSNow and this would take away sales because its too good of a deal.

killcole1118d ago

You're missing the point. The services don't have to be comparable by value or what they can offer.
If you're the kind of person that will 100% by every FIFA title, Madden title, BF title et then this is great value. You get discounted DLC and presumably packs in UT which is important to many, PLUS the free games.
You're guarenteed to be getting some EA freebies and if you like the majority of what EA publish then you're going to win pretty much everytime.

The pot luck that is PS+ may not always be offering something you care about.

Some gamers nowadays can't see past their own noses.
And in response to the fanboy comment, the nature in which the story was initially reported was by and large, very positive. So unless Xbox fanboys have infiltrated every news outlet akin to some trojan horse scheme, I very much doubt your implication has any substantial truth.

Team_Litt1118d ago

Problem with PS+ is that you are swimming in indie cheap games most of the time, heck all the time on PS4.
EA access lets you have at AAA and you know what you are getting into from the get go, EA games.

I'm a fanboy because I like Fifa 14, BF4, Peggle 2 and Madden 25 for $5? Well then I'm happy to be called an Xbot if that's all it takes.

Charybdis1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Ps + services should be compared to xbox live/gold. Ps now is not really compable to ea access as ps now is an always online streaming service. Ps now a streaming service for games ea access is simply an ea app/ service. Until microsoft comes with their own streaming service psnow provides a online only service which isn't available on the x1. I do however see why people want to compare the value of the different services on the different platforms.

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mhunterjr1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

But why would they want to put their game on ps+ given another option? All that would do is take the revenue they've recovered from retailers and give it to Sony.

EA Having their own services gives then a more direct line to their customers, simultaneously improving their margins and providing loyal customers with savings. It also means they can promote their titles when they see fit, instead of being at the mercy of Sony's schedule.

If this takes off, we'll see competition from other publishers driving the costs of these services down and driving consumer benefits up. We might FINALLY start to see the benefits of going digital on console. The number one issue plaguing digital is the lack of competion in these marketplaces... That may have just started to changed.

Ashlen1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

I know right... why wouldn't EA want to nickel and dime people? /s

They should have just offered there games on games for gold. MS should have only given them that option.

DanielGearSolid1118d ago

If u read the details they don't have direct line to the customer.

The purchases go thru Ms Store, they say to direct all customer service issues to MS. If youre gonna funnel all of that thru MS, why not just put the damn thing on Xbox live gold?

I can't see how this is different from or better than Gold or PS+ at all... Not to mention most of their games have online functions so you'd pretty much be forced to keep ur XBLG or Ps+ account

Chevalier1118d ago

What?! EA nickel and diming people is not a good thing. This article mentions netflix which offers a wide variety of shows and movies from many studios with exclusive content and available across ALL platforms and customers. How does EA with it's yearly games and only a single publisher even comparable?!

Is it available to all EA customers? No
Is it on all platforms where EA games are available? No.

It's nothing close to netflix, blinkbox or Amazon Instant video. It's available to a very small group of 4+ million Xbone owners not all of which are EA customers.

If this takes off this will fragment the market and we'll end up with each publisher do their own service and pricing scheme. There won't be a need to compete.

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LackTrue4K1118d ago

@ article...."a step forward??"

On's more and more subscription fees. Gaming prices are getting out of hand!!
I don't want published to follow their steps, I just want one thing from them....


thunderbird861118d ago

Gaming prices are lower than they ever have been and haven't been raised since the beginning of last gen. This is an optional service. Don't understand why people are getting bent out of shape. You can't find FIFA 14 right now for under 30 bucks. That plus three other games for 30 a year? Plus more to come. How does this not make sense?

djplonker1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Fifa 14 - in TWO months fifa 15 will be out and the value of fifa 14 will fall below $5/£3 pretty much instantly - (has microtansactions)

Battlefield 4 - No dlc included and will be replaced by hardline in half a year or so - (has microtansactions)

madden nfl 25 - in 27 DAYS madden 15 will be out - (has microtansactions)

TearsOfARapper1118d ago

These are two ENTIRELY different services you're reaching to compare right now. You compare PS Plus to Xbox Live, NOT this EA Access. EA Access is only providing their library of published games. You're getting newer, albeit much less, but full-on retail games to play to your heart's content. Once this year's sports games get a few months under their belt, I'm sure they'll be tossed into the vault as well. Or if you choose not to wait, and you really enjoy your two hour demo, then you get a discount to buy the full game right away to keep. That alone saves you the cost of one month of service. The writer was correct to compare Netflix and such whereas I don't know where you're pulling your comparison. Sony turned it down because it'd take away money from PS Now which is going to be like this but better, it's not a bad thing, get over it.

DanielGearSolid1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

If u honestly can't see (or maybe admit) the obvious similarities (redundancies almost) in PS+ and EA access theres no point in wasting time talking to u

Chevalier1118d ago

Wait how does EA access compare to Netflix? Netflix has content from multiple major movie studios, exclusive content, far more value and available on all platforms. EA is a single publisher focus with limited offerings on a yearly basis and available on a single platform only to gold members of Xbone with 4+ million people. So how is that anything like Netflix?!

user74029311118d ago

ps+ is a better value, your not limited to one publisher

truefan11118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

How is ps+ any different from XBL and GWG?

Both offer free access to games
Both offer dicounts
Both are required to play online

Couldn't MSFT have used the same excuse? They gave gamers a choice. I usually spend at minimum $120 on EA gamers per year, I find great value in EA Access. If they make me wait a few months before I get the new Madden and Fifa so be it, I'll just have the most recent rosters. I would pay up to $100 per year for EA, Ubisoft, Activision.... If that meant I got all the new Games from each publisher. Remember 10 games per year is $600. With subscriptions we could get ALL the games instead of 1 singular game. The only drawback is that you can't resell the games, which you shouldn't be doing anyway. You can't say give us new ips then buy used copies or rent the games.

For example from Activision I will be getting Destiny and COD:AW = $120, Ubisoft-AC Unity and The Divison =$120, EA Madden & Fifa = $120. This stuff starts to add up, 2k-NBA2k15 and potentially Evolve = $120. On second thought I'm scaling back because this doesn't even include the XB1 exclusives.

The best part about it all is you DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT? People need to start thinking outside of the box. Gaming is the only industry where I have heard fans complain about innovation and moving forward.

DanielGearSolid1118d ago

Yea MS couldve used the same reasoning, but why stop EA when they get a cut of the profit.

You spend 120 on EA but how much do u spend on ALL publishers?

EA couldve easily tied these savings and free games into Gold. Why is it a better deal to pay for something u already had?

GW2121118d ago

Shhhh... Sony just posted a profit for their first fiscal quarter.

How are you doing over there bud? You ok? Did you just go on that rant because you're a little salty? Is that what happened? Aww, buddy, it'll be ok.

Death1118d ago

Shhhh...Sony posted a couple profitable quarters in the past also. That doesn't mean they will have a profitable year. They are absolutely headed in the right direction, but they still have a way to go. Sony already stated they expect another loss for the fiscal year ending March 2015 due to spinning off their PC division. Over half the profit this quarter was attributed to the sales of some buildings and properties. Exchange rates were also in Sony's favor along with increases in revenue from their movie divison. Of course PS4 sales helped in the video game division with an increase of 96% over last years quarterly results.

ichizon1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

These games are only worth that much because that's what the industry has led you to believe.

They already save a ton on getting digital purchases, but they aren't pricing it lower than retail because "they don't want to undermine retail sales". And what do you think they save by having loyal customers that subscribe? They can advertise all their games to you, and they'll forecast exactly what they'll earn. They can dangle some carrots that force you to get EA Access to get the full experience of a game, something they've already massively overdone with DLC. Don't you think that any new game that still sells well is coming to The Vault. Last year's Madden and FIFA are already overloaded in the GameStop used bin at $2.

Sheikh Yerbouti1117d ago

Probably cause MS "needs" something on their service to distract from PSNow. The question you need to ask yourself is why EA doesn't just use GfG or case you don't already know (i.e., $$$$).

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shaenoide1118d ago

It's not the same because because PS+ is mandatory to play online AND you have access to "free" games.

What if every every publishers in the world ask you to pay 5 bucks? How much you will have to pay each month?

hello121118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Danielgear@ I'm fairly certain EA is an independent entity from Microsoft. So its entirely different.

Microsoft does not own the rights to this EA does and its solely up to them who what games they offer.

I see nothing wrong with the deal when you compare pricing of games like Battlefield 4 and Fifa 14 and other EA games on other sites of purchase.

DualWielding1118d ago

The difference is that these is what PS+ used to be you get offer a selection of triple A titles from the start.. if you feel renting the titles on offer for a year worths $30.00 to you, you subcribe.... the initial titles are the main dish and everything else is bonus..... that's how PS+ used to be on PS3

Now PS+ is like Xbox Live used to be, you pay for the right to play online, and get some free games as an afterthought but you don't get an instant selection of triple A games the moment you subscribe (on PS4 at least)