Will Nintendo's Next Handheld Offer Tablet Design/Functionality?

gamrReview's Stephen C Barrett: "How Nintendo go about it is anyone’s guess, but when you take everything into consideration it would appear that the company's next handheld may offer more than just games in order to broaden its appeal, possibly even abandoning the clamshell design in favor of a single-screen unit. Nintendo’s next portable will likely be tightly integrated with its next home console, with some even speculating that it may actually fill that role itself. In any case, it’s clear that Nintendo is well aware of how the portable market - their strongest area - has changed over the years. Let’s just hope that they are able to adapt accordingly while continuing to provide the full, satisfying portable gaming machines and experiences they always have."

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BenRage31417d ago

It is going to need buttons. If it is a pure tablet without buttons I will pass.

mydyingparadiselost1416d ago

Couldn't agree more, tablet controls are awful and show little sign of improving.

iamnsuperman1416d ago

It will be too expensive. The problem is the thing needs to game and needs to do tablet stuff well. Even if it does the tablet functionality aswell as the low range tablets (£100) the gaming side will shoot up the price beyond being competitive for those devices and more in the price league of more mid to high end tablets (which tablet functionality wise cannot compete with)

I predict the next handheld from Nintendo will be even cheaper at launch than we got this generation. Both Sony and Nintendo over priced their systems (hence extremely low sales at launch). They need to be cheap enough that people get them along side tablets and work with home consoles (ala remote play type of thing)

SteamPowered1416d ago

Ok Nintendo here it goes; Keep the clamshell and drop this tablet nonsense. Tethering a Tablet to your console is a daft move and does not need to be repeated. I love the WiiU, but it has had an identity crisis from the start.