Beautiful Photos From The Last of Us: Remastered

In Photo Mode, players can take a still from their gameplay and alter it in many ways. Zooming in, adding filters, and more are all available so players can get the perfect shot.

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mep691174d ago

These screen shot are bad :/

I took alot better ones last night.

MasterCornholio1174d ago

GAF has plenty of good ones.

xer01173d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees...
The screenshots on IGN are bad.

They don't do the game justice.

mep691173d ago

There are a lot of idiots on here that just stick disagrees on you for no reason.

wicked1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

They look better but even in the first the gun stock, has lots of flats and same with the strap over his shoulder and the shirt seam, and in #2 the face is good but the bricks behind are lacking textures. I find it amazing in 2014 graphics still can't do round curve and circles.

Edit: the last one, that trike won't roll away with all them flats on the wheels :)

LordMaim1173d ago

It's not as though they can't, it's just prohibitively expenive for something that is literally miniscule on the screen. Its all about whay you want to spend memory on. Why would they spend so many polygons on something that isn't a face?

If not for zooming in on photo mode, it would escape your notice entirely.

DARK_SOLDIER1011173d ago

i don't See anything special in this game , really
its looks cartoony '''

700p1173d ago

Well..the game is a tad overrated BUT it is a good game.

LordMaim1173d ago

If you were to play it, you would see that it's anything but cartoony. Quite the opposite.

SoapShoes1173d ago

Considering your avatar, I would figure you'd love it.