DailyGame: Boom Blox Review

DailyGame writes: "At its heart, the Wii's design goes after the casual audience (no big surprise, I know). It does this most obviously with the simplicity of its Wii Remote controller, which draws-in people who normally avoid scary-looking console controllers. The Wii Remote is cleverly disguised as a TV remote control, but if you want to see that fear creep back into the casual gamers' eyes, just attach the nunchuck to it and watch them all run away.
Boom Blox is a game that doesn't use the nunchuck, and it only has two gameplay buttons: Action and Rotate. Now before all of you "hardcore" gamers press back on your browsers, there's enough challenge in here for everyone.

At its most basic level, Boom Blox is an electronic game of Jenga without the messy pickup. But Boom Blox takes that concept and twists it into hundreds of different variations and levels. We've had the game for about a month now, and I'm still seeing game types I never saw before. The 3D aspects of the controller really make the game, because it's hard to imagine playing it without pointing at the screen and then removing a block by whichever direction you choose. Occasionally I find myself reaching forward with Wii Remote and "pulling" a block out toward my chest."

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