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3.5 Million PS4, PS3 and PS2 Combined Sold in Q1 2014; Sony Returns to Be Profitable

Sony just announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year, together with how many home and portable consoles were sold in the past three months. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP)

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LeonhartX  +   430d ago
Sony is on fire!! congratulations!!
Except for that damn TV division it's really holding the company back, i wish they can start making money off it.
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Eonjay  +   430d ago
Nice, they did good.
pedrof93  +   430d ago
Kinda nice seeing this for Sony, such a mythical company getting back in its feet. Lets say... Good Job KAZ !
Why o why  +   430d ago

The last guardian...... awakening..... release date confirmed
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Muerte2494  +   430d ago
This article is adding ps2 when the report clearly states "ps4 and ps3". We also know ps2 haven't been in production since January 2013.
Darkstares  +   430d ago
That is good news, the better situation they are in the better they can support their products.
chrismichaels04  +   430d ago
Its great to see the Playstation brand doing so well and becoming one of Sonys most successful products currently on the market today.
Axios2   430d ago | Trolling | show
SilentNegotiator  +   429d ago
Have a tissue, Axios2. Sony made a profit this quarter (thanks to the ps4) and there's nothing you can do about it but let it all out.
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christian hour  +   429d ago

I'll save you the bother of reading the article again and just copy-paste this tidbit for you

"and some leftover PS2 combined"

Yes production stopped, doesn't mean you still can't find unsold units in stores that still sell em, so the title is right in including ps2, though it also should have included vita and psp in the title, to be fair.
SilentNegotiator  +   429d ago
"@Silenttroll, so how many tissue do you require for the 6.5 billion MS just reported?"

Why, when have I ever tried to downplay Xbox using Microsoft's financial stats and then tried to downplay a profiting quarter using the wrong figure and mentioning a previous loss?
GTgamer  +   429d ago
Dude your on every Sony profiting off PS4 article saying the same thing well guess what Playstation is doing great and dominating the Xbox Devision and that makes you mad so you bring Sony's financial situation congratulations you've been promoted to butthurt (^~^).

"@Silenttroll, so how many tissue do you require for the 6.5 billion MS just reported?"

1.A troll calling someone else a troll is sad
2.Neither of us get to see any of that money so why the hell would we care about it ಠ_ಠ
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Muerte2494  +   429d ago
@ Christian Hour

Maybe you should read the actual quarterly report.

look beside the little Astrix and you'll see *PS4 and PS3 systems. Sorry but it doesn't mention ps2 at all. It makes sense because report numbers based on their shipments. They stopped shipping PS2s back in January 2013.
miyamoto  +   429d ago
The PlaySaviour 4
It Only Saves The Gaming Industry
fr0sty  +   429d ago

Xbox as a brand has never turned a dime of profit. Xbox lost 4 billion. Xbox 360 another billion lost to RROD. All of the profits 360 made from Live and game sales were not enough to erase that 5 billion dollars worth of red ink. Xbox One also selling poorly now, so no chance to pay down that debt.

SCE may have erased PS1 and PS2 profit with PS3's mistakes, but they are well on their way back to being a profitable console brand.
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UltraNova  +   429d ago

Common dude control yourself seriously...

As frosty already covered if I where to compare all the money spent/made by MS and Sony on consoles (excluding the ps1 since xbox wasnt around) Sony would be on top by quite a margin.

Pointless trolling yet again.

OT: Good for us Sony is finally making money... now there's no excuse to hold back on new IP's and top quality Morpheus specs at an affordable price!(hope dies last).
majiebeast   430d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Deadpoolio  +   430d ago
It's only the prices holding the Tv division back....They literally FACT make the best ever single consumer rating site rates Sony TVs #1, highest quality Tvs but they over charge for them..They just need to work on lowering the price while keeping that awesome quality
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Hk85karlsson  +   430d ago
Have it ever occurred to you that if you make the best tv, maybe it will be one of the most expensive in its respective area?

Input lag, that´s where Sony is killing it.

PQ (picture quality), here´s plasma still the best. Unless you spend a ridicolous amount of money.
majiebeast  +   430d ago
Well some good news. Panasonic and Sony are teaming in the development of OLED panels. Which could cut atleast some of the R&D cost.

Why o why  +   430d ago
Trust me.. pioneer kuros were top of the range but too expensive for those who saw cheaper samsungs as comparable, but cheaper panels. Sometimes quality kills.

R.i.p pioneer tvs.......I still own 2
90Supra  +   430d ago
you get what you pay for...
Muerte2494  +   430d ago
Panasonic and Sharp acquired most of Pioneer Kuro patents. Sharp elite came the closest to recreating the Kuro black levels. Oled surpasses the old kuroshjtsuji technology without losing its brightness. Unfortunately, oleds are expensive to produce.
purp13m0nk3y  +   430d ago
I will only ever buy a SONY Tv. The latest, a 50" W800B is crazy value for money when you take into account features and overall performance.

IQ with my PS4 is eye wateringly good ;-)

Congratulations to SONY for turning it around.
lelo  +   430d ago
It's good for gaming that Sony's and Microsoft's gaming divisions posted profits. Too bad about Nintendo's gaming division.
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Magicite  +   430d ago
PS2 is actually still selling? Damn!!!

Gratz to Sony on making profit, I hope they realise that their gaming division is one of strongest assets and gonna invest even more.

Priceless = http://www.neogaf.com/forum...

Both Sony and MS posting profits, meanwhile Nintendo again at loss.
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GameSpawn  +   429d ago
I'm glad someone else noticed. Way the hell is the PS2 still on the reports when it was "discontinued" and "end of life" already unless there are still units selling somewhere in the world?

It's shocking really.
Menkyo  +   430d ago
They spun the tv divison off. That was a big part of the red that was reported last year. The restructuring is almost done and you'll soon see Sony back in black.
C-H-E-F  +   430d ago
Yeah and they need to bring the Z2 (smartphone) over to Verizon I want it soo bad, but I'm a Verizon man... I refuse to get poor service for a freaking phone. lOl
reaperofsouls  +   430d ago
Sony must be pushing the 10 million mark now
telekineticmantis  +   430d ago
Now imagine if PS Now works on their phones on 4G(or 5G whenever that arrives), thatll be killer, they should make phones specifically for it, with slide out controls, kinda like WHAT I WAS SAYING THE VITA SHOULD OF BEEN, SINCE YOULL CUSTOMERS ARE MOSTLY MATURE ADULTS, who dont want to look kiddie on the train.
Heck they could call it the Xperia psv, if they want
spektical  +   429d ago
well their tv line while good, is still overpriced. Its basically on the same road as the VAIO line. With competitors like vizio who aggressivaly price their tvs, its no wonder SONY tvs are struggling at their current prices.
Muzikguy  +   429d ago
Go buy a Sony TV lol jk
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kenshiro100  +   429d ago
The king has reclaimed his throne.

Really good news.
bmf7364  +   429d ago
They're hoping PS Now can be a selling point for BRAVIA.
cell989  +   429d ago
they need to start matching Samsungs Tv Pricing, thats been the #1 reason why their tvs sell so poorly. A Samsung Tv with same features and aesthetics will be priced at least $500 less than a sony XBR. Theres something about Apple and Sony that makes them think they can charge more for the same goods. I know brand loyalty is at play but c'mon competition is tight
Consoldtobots  +   429d ago
great to see Sony doing well but how many profitable quarters will it take to make up for previous year's losses?
Joey_Leone  +   429d ago
That's the power of Sony people.
Afterlife   430d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
Doritos_Pope  +   430d ago
Honestly, Kaz Hirai should capitilize on the Playstation division. Seeing as the Bravia tv line sinks the company -1billion every year, why not brand a segment of high end Bravia tvs with the Playstation brand? a TV Inspired for mainstream consumers but has Playstation as its face.
DanielGearSolid  +   430d ago
Not a bad idea.
Doritos_Pope  +   430d ago
Integrate Playstation Now into them, let it come bundled with a DS4 and make consumers know PS4 and their future network services tie into these tvs like a companion device.
Consoldtobots  +   429d ago
PSNow televisions would be a REALLY interesting product line.
Dannycr  +   430d ago
They kind of did. Remember the "Playstation" TV that had 3D splitscreen?

It had a very accessible price point and good overall quality, the problem was that the size of the TV (24") was just too low and everybody was asking for a bigger entry in the line.
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Insomnia_84  +   430d ago
Now most of the new TV's coming from Sony are featured packed with all that! Check this one for example:


47" (diag) W802A Series LED Internet TV


-Pro-grade detail for discerning eyes: X-Reality™ PRO
-Enjoy ultra-realistic movement with Motionflow™ XR 480
-Dynamic Edge LED backlight for amazing contrast
-Built-in Wi-Fi® plus 1 year of Netflix and Hulu Plus™ 1, 8
-Your smartphone screen on TV w/ NFC screen mirroring2
-Dynamic, full range sound w/ S-Force Surround Sound
-Enjoy 3D with 4 pairs of passive glasses3
-TV Sideview app to control your TV and channel guide4
-SimulViewTM technology presents twice the fun: 2 player games with no split screen.7
-Quartz Cut Design
-Make life-sized video calls with Skype®1

This is also the TV with the lowest input lag I've seen so it's a must for gaming.
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Dannycr  +   429d ago

Yeah, but I guess the price on that one is considerable. Sony has always been a high quality/high price point manufacturer.

The playstation 3D TV was actually a good value vs price point item but after that particular TV, you had to invest a lot more money to get a top of the line Sony TV, while the competition was offering pretty much the same at a lower price point.

Another thing is that the "Playstation" brand resonates well in consumers. People already have in their minds that Sony products are luxury items, however, the PS brand is just "uncommon" for a TV and might intrigue consumers.
christian hour  +   429d ago

I really should have read your rpely before adding my own below :) Glad to know I didn't imagine its existence (despite sony Ireland store reps looking at me like I did!)
DK_Kithuni_71  +   430d ago
They are on the way. Some of the new high-end TV's will have PlayStation TV (Vita) included.
Inception  +   430d ago
Cmiiw, aren't they integrated PS Now for their high end Bravia TV's so people can play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games without buying consoles?
GrandpaSnake  +   430d ago
blasphame, you are the doritos pope!
tommygunzII  +   430d ago
As far as I know the new Bravia sets already have PSNow compatibility.

christian hour  +   429d ago
Didn't they already bring out a Playstation 3d tv for 200 euro or something a couple years back? I remember I really wanted one because it seemed like great value and if you had two pairs of glasses, you could play split screen games where both players had the whole screen to themselves, or at least that was the idea I dunno if that was ever implemented by any games.

Around it's time of release I went around to all the sony stores (theres like, 2 in dublin?) enquiring about it but, none of the staff had any idea what I was talking about. And I've still yet to see it in any electronic stores. Damn shame :( I really wanted a cheap Playstation 3DTV!

I think a smart move would be to bring that idea back.

Does anyone have any information on those playstation 3dtvs? did they ever actually come out? Anyone actually buy one?! Would love to know if they were actually any use. Seems Irish consumers got jipped out of it.
Dannycr  +   429d ago
Just saw both your comments. I live in Costa Rica and there were a fair amount of those TVs here. Including the Costarican Sony Store. I don't own one, but I've used one and it was quite nice, the problem was just the size (incoming "size does matter" joke lol). It is indeed a good value for the asking price.

Amazon still sells them. In regards to the Sony store people not knowing about them, well... it's the same thing here. Basically consumers are more well informed than store clerks. Back in the day they didn't even know the difference between 720p and 1080p and couldn't even find if the model was one or the other, so it doesn't surprise me, however, they shouldn't be so hard to find.

I still see them in a lot of local gaming stores.
christian hour  +   429d ago
Thanks Dannycr :) I'll have to go on the hunt for one because I'm moving in to a new apartment and I gave my parents my old tv because theirs broke so, sharing a tv with my new room mate is gonna ware on us eventually :P And I refuse to spend more than 200 on a small tv for my room XD
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   430d ago
And there you have it Sony hinding numbers of individual system
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TongkatAli  +   430d ago
I know those bastards :P
poor_cus_of_games  +   430d ago
I wouldn't say hiding since they announced the numbers for the playstation brand. Nothing wrong with that. Microsoft does that all the time.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   430d ago
yet Microsoft got called out for it
DanielGearSolid  +   430d ago
It's weird because ppl swore Sony combined numbers to hide ps3 sales, but in reality they've always combined the numbers in financial reports, since ps2
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   430d ago
No actually that's something they started well into the PS3 era.

#4.3.1 (Edited 430d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(21) | Report
DanielGearSolid  +   430d ago
Wow you're right

I mixed up their seperate announcements of Playstation brand milestones with the financial reports
Master-H   430d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
jjonez18  +   430d ago
If you were expecting the official breakdown, sorry. But I've got the next best thing...A guesstimate from a random N4G Member!

Last year in this quarter Sony shipped 1.1m PS3 units. Now I'm guessing that interest in the ps3 has dropped some since the incredibly successful launch of the PS4. So shipments of the PS3 should be slightly lower from a year ago. That leaves roughly 2.4m PS4 units shipped for Q1. Now we add that to their numbers announced back in April(7m sold through) and get that there are roughly 9.4m+ PS4 consoles shipped WW. Actual sold through numbers should be slightly lower.
#4.5 (Edited 430d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   429d ago
Are you SERIOUSLY trying to downplay this piece of news?

Spotie  +   429d ago
Except Sony didn't stop reporting sold at the start of the year, and start reporting only shipped.
Breakline   430d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
patrik23  +   430d ago
Fantastic numbers.

x360+xbox one 1.1 million
PS2+PS3+PS4 3.5 million
wii+wii u 600k
KaladinStormblessed  +   430d ago
Actually just wiiu 600k man. Not wii
AceBlazer13  +   430d ago
They're still counting ps2?

This number would be PS3+ PS4 and o think maybe Vita
#6.2 (Edited 430d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Consoldtobots  +   429d ago
who is still buying PS2s? eskimos?
BitbyDeath  +   429d ago
Nah, is only PS3 and PS4.
Not sure why people are thinking it includes the PS2.


Taken from here -

MasterCornholio  +   430d ago
Glad to see Sony doing a bit better.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   430d ago
WitWolfy  +   430d ago
Now all we need now is more new software IPs.
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S2Killinit  +   430d ago
Love that they are getting back on it. Congrats to them.
paul-p1988  +   430d ago
I can't read the article at work, but I assume the title is a typo as the PS2 got discontinued last year, so they actually meant the Vita.

On topic: great news though, I love my Playstation products (I actually have the PS3, PS4 and Vita all in the same room and play them all regularly) and hope this means more big games for all of them, but specifically the Vita coz it doesn't get the love it deserves :(
nevin1  +   430d ago
Nice to know PS2 is still getting respect.

But did they mention Vita?
Ggame  +   430d ago
Sorry bro, what's Vita?
I never know it. >.<
IndoAssassin  +   430d ago
Wrong Spot
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ethomaz  +   429d ago
PS2 is not shipping anymore... the guy of the article just added it from I don't know.


See? PS4 + PS3.

Even this other slide.


* From FY2013 onward PS2 is not included.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   430d ago
Amazingly good sales!

Gaming division = profitable.
Sony = profitable.

No more doom and gloom!

And even Vita TV did better than expected.
d3nworth1  +   430d ago
Ps2s are still selling?
IndoAssassin  +   430d ago
They stopped producing PS2's a long time ago. So the actual shipped number of PS2's would be ZERO.
Hanso  +   430d ago
Return of the King.
Steptoe  +   430d ago
Keep it up Sony! Things can only get better.
Big-finger  +   430d ago
I think the gap between ps4 and xbone will keep widening, reaching 5-6 million in a few months.
GamersHeaven  +   430d ago
Playstation domination indeed.

spacedelete  +   430d ago
unless its the PSP or Vita. damn both sold only less than a million. Vita sales are getting worse every year.
Reaper29r  +   430d ago
Seems like the playstation is really giving Sony what they need. That's great news Sony makes solid products, my preferred brand for electronics. After I got my first Bravia TV, I've never looked back (used to be a Samsung guy). Got my settings customized also up to the point where I'm watching Archer with friends and they think it's some kind of CGI lol win. Cant wait to get their new 65 inch 4k tv. Between Sony doing great with no end in sight and MS really turning around the XB1 it's gonna be a great time to be a gamer.
TWB  +   430d ago
PS2's ? Kinda surprised by this since didnt they say that they stopped manufacturing them like in 2009 ?
Kayant  +   430d ago
Indeed they have don't know why it's in the title when it's not in the report - https://farm3.staticflickr....
UltraAtomic  +   430d ago
"good job sony"
LightDiego  +   430d ago
Keep it going Sony!
Predaking77  +   430d ago
Meanwhile at the Sony bankruptcy cult...

Fanatic: Preacher!!! What are we gonna do? Sony is back to profits and we cannot preach doom anymore.

Preacher: Dawn you Sony, why they cannot just die so the Xbone can have a chance? Hurry, go to the forums and keep denying reality as we always do. Speak about how the xbone price cut will save the console o wait, that failed already, talk about how EA access will raise the Xbox sales.

Fanatic: Yes preacher.
BobBelcher  +   430d ago
really? Can't just be happy for Sony w/o spitting out some fanboy dribble? The goal isn't to beat the xbox fanboys to the idiocy of fanboyism.
BillmadeAGate  +   430d ago
Revelation: Sony Fanboys are just as socially impaired as MS fanboys.... dun dun dunnn..
#24.1.1 (Edited 430d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(9) | Report
jholden3249  +   429d ago
Half the comments here are to the point of fanboyism lol...

And I like Sony a whole heck of a lot more than MS. But good grief, people are celebrating and cheering and doing the "in yo FACE" comments. Like, really?

People cheer more over stock prices and quarterly results now than they do for game announcments at E3. It's mind boggling.

And you see this crap for EVERY platform now when there's good sales news, weekly sales charts or stock price increases. It's not exclusive to Sony fanatics. Although there does seem to be a lot more of them on this side of the fence :/
#24.1.2 (Edited 429d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
KNWS  +   430d ago
Operating income was only 696 million that's still poor for a company as large as Sony. Most AAA games today cost around 100 million to develop. So Sony isn't suddenly going to be able to spend. This money has to be spread around the whole company for different projects

Microsoft operating income was 27 billion in June. Microsoft is a powerhouse compared to Sony.

Its good news for Sony to be making money now, but its hardly the end of the doom talk.
#24.2 (Edited 430d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
king_ps4  +   430d ago
4.5 million behind in sales
kenshiro100  +   429d ago
Can't help yourself, can you?

Are you seriously using wikiinvest as a source for your drivel?

The good news is killing you inside, isn't it?
Xdone   429d ago | Trolling | show
windblowsagain  +   429d ago
I'd love to know where this 100million gets spent.
DigitalRaptor  +   429d ago
Why do you claim that you laugh at the Sony fanboys for things they say, when you (an Xbox fanboy) spouts garbage like this? Sony are investing in PlayStation division more than they ever have with it being one of their most profitable divisions.

They have just as many first-party developers as they ever have, all making new AAA IPs, all the while gaining strong ground with second and third party developers… as they ALWAYS have. The "100 million" figure, you completely made up. The doom and gloom talk is only appropriate when Sony is a threat to Xbox in your mind, which is basically always. When one of your chalkboard theories about how Xbone is going to be saved is crossed off, you guys bring up the "Sony is doomed" talk. It's funny cause Sony has $20 billion market cap, and $151 billion in assets and it would take roughly 2 decades for them to go bankrupt…..

But things are getting better, and that's due to good decisions within the company. I know this hurts that you can no longer really use it as a crutch to downplay Sony and PlayStation, so you'll keep acting like the "doom and gloom talk" is relevant.

The powerhouse Microsoft can't even beat a barely in-profit corporation in the gaming industry. They never have and they never will.
#24.2.5 (Edited 429d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Dlacy13g  +   430d ago
Its good to see some positive Sony financial news.
HaveAll3  +   430d ago
Good job Sony! Loving my PS4
Revengeance  +   430d ago
??? Seeing that the PS2 ended production I don't see the reason to include it in sales.

Nevertheless this is GREAT news. PlayStation is the best console brand to play with for a reason.
Great job sony! now what they need to do is lower those TV prices and they'll
turn a even more profit. As bad as i want a sony TV to go with my PS4, i would like to get one, but there prices for them are bad. :-(
#28 (Edited 429d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
danny818  +   429d ago
so the good news is that they made a profit and not a loss. Thats damn good, it could only get better from is my take on it
#29 (Edited 429d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
modesign  +   429d ago
sony sold 2.5 BILLION dollars worth of playstation hardware between april-june. holy crap.
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