My Pokémon Ranch - WiiWare World Review

WiiWare World writes: "Ultimately, My Pokémon Ranch is chock full of missed potential. But while it's easy to chide the game for what it doesn't do, it's harder to express that there is still value here for the right audience. There's no question it's an ideal game for young, fledgling Pokémaniacs who are frustrated by the demands of most games. Here, they can freely watch and interact with cuddly Pokémon of all shapes and sizes while looking forward to new toys and Pokémon daily. For established Pokémaniacs you have a service for storing and obtaining various Pokémon that doubles as a screensaver while you're playing Diamond/Pearl. As long as these audiences keep their expectations in check they may find themselves charmed by this goofy WiiWare title, but everyone else need only look at the screenshots and their gut reaction should let them know where they stand."

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