Watch the Entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection Developers’ Panel at SDCC

Alex from Twinfinite writes:

"Were you not at Comic Con? It’s okay, neither was I. But if you are among the many who didn’t go to SDCC yet still want to know everything that went on, we got something for you.

Earlier today, the entire Halo: The Master Chief Collection developers’ panel from SDCC was released online."

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Goku7811304d ago

They better optimize Halo 5 like nothing else before so it doesnt give of that cardboard effect like this and Forza 5. Looks pretty but cardboard cut outs are not kool.

Mkai281304d ago

Pffffffffttttt,has Halo ever had what you call it "cardboard effect"? If it did it would look like doom..

tgunzz1304d ago

Master chief collection will be masterful indeed...