Will EA Access Your Wallet?

"Fans forced EA to reconsider their Online Pass policy. So they have come back with another money grabber. Unlike the flawed O-Pass, this is something (when fully developed) could benefit both sides." -Play Legit

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SegaGamer1390d ago

It depends on the games that become available. If the new games are added to the list then i will probably be very interested, but if it is just the older games i will have to think about it.

The games from way back interest me though, i doubt it will happen but as a big Sims fan i hope they add Sims 1, Sims Bustin Out, Sims 2, and Sims Castaway.

Starks1390d ago

It seems to me that EA will access more that just your wallet. If they were caught monitoring programs on your computer when you installed Origin, or add DRM into a free Sims game should add some weight to what shadiness antics they will do next.