Let's Play - The Last of Us: Remastered - First Four Hours

Courtney and Erika from Middle Of Nowhere Gaming are back at it again with another Let's Play series! This time they tackle The Last of Us: Remastered! Make sure to watch in 1080p!

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Guy1051328d ago

Is this game any good?

testo61328d ago

is not good....its a masterpiece!! 10/10

opproject1328d ago

i don't know it's the most awarded game in history what do you think?

Guy1051325d ago

lol, who disagrees with a question? Especially a rhetorical question...

whybag1328d ago

I'm not one to usually try to hold off spoilers on videos, but I think the prologue shouldn't be shown personally. I just started the PS4 version several months after playing it on PS3, and it was still an absolute gut punch even though I knew what was coming.

Bathyj1328d ago

Im on my 4th playthrough, and Ive had that same slack jawed, furrowed brow look every time.

bunt-custardly1327d ago

Ambassador you are really spoiling us!

Scrivlar1327d ago

Think TLOU was absolutely brilliant and probably in my top 10 games of all time which is a truly massive compliment. But can't help feeling people are still praising it a little too much, reminds me of Twilight fan teen girls with the "This thing I like is the best thing ever and if you disagree fuck you, you're wrong".

shammgod1327d ago

I think it is good for a video game to get as much praise and pub as TLOU is getting. It's good for gaming overall.

Scrivlar1327d ago

Yeah It's a great representation of gaming for other mediums, I was just referring to within the gaming community, It feels like everybody is still on board the hype train and most people are too scared to admit the game was amazing but it wasn't easily the best ever made.

Guy1051325d ago

I've never played it yet, and I have noticed a bit of an echo chamber with the praise for TLoU. (I feel a bit sorry for people who don't like it but they get flamed because they are outliers.)

Like, I don't like survival horror, so I haven't played the game yet. I am a bit afraid that I might not like the gameplay. But I know the story is good, so I don't want to watch a let's play to see any spoilers. It's crazy. I can't ask anyone because everyone likes it so much and a lot of people attack you for not liking their favorite widget.

Scrivlar1324d ago

Yeah that pretty much sums up everyone's behavior until the hype dies down a bit, I think the game is brilliant personally, it plays out like Uncharted but with a bit more stealth and cunning,mix in a few zombies and the mo-cap actors are great, but if it's not for you then fair enough, definitely give it a go though as its most likely you will enjoy it. Only downsides are the A.I being a bit retarded sometimes and the fact it's quite short, but you'll want to play it again on their new game plus option.