PS4 Exclusive Without Memory Gets Update, Team Striving to Reach 1080p/60FPS; Trailer May Be Delayed

Moscow-based studio Dinosaurum Games provided a new batch of information today on its PS4 exclusive thriller adventure Without Memory.

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ATi_Elite1330d ago

Striving to reach 1080p 60fps blah blah blah

Why not instead Striving to reach a new level of gameplay?

After all gameplay matters more than graphics

gamercologyst1330d ago


Gameplay is all about if the game Handhold you or Not , if the gameplay was Dumbed Down for Casuals or Not , Gameplay is if the game is linear or not, gameplay is if the game has Regen Health or not
this kind of thing is Gameplay

and not a Stupid 1080p / 60fps

Army_of_Darkness1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Did you ever think that maybe the developers already had the gameplay set-up too what they initially intended, which is why they are now striving for 1080p @60fps to enhance the visual quality of the game??

LOL! There's always a cry baby out there...
when a dev talks about focusing on achieving the best gameplay possible, someone's gonna be like "oh he's probably saying that because the graphics are gonna suck"

and when a dev says this" we are working to achieve 1080p/60fps someone will shout "But, but, what about gameplay!! it matters more though! I'm not buying if I don't see any next Gen gameplay(whatever the F$#K that is)..!"

Damn, y'all need to relax and stop your bitching..

Melankolis1330d ago

Yes, actually, 60fps is a part of gameplay. Imagine if a game that has best gameplay has terrible would be less enjoyable

GTgamer1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Im pretty framrate is essential to gameplay soooo.

Me-Time1330d ago

ATi_Elite is wondering, "WHY the hell not show gameplay, instead of saying that they want to reach 1080 and 60fps" during gameplay.

Or he's saying, "Let's see some damn gameplay."

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Spotie1330d ago

What do you want to see in new gameplay? What would be the new gameplay feature on the PC you love so much?

I'm tired of hearing this crap about lack of new gameplay, when NOBODY has any idea what that would look like.

Why not just shut up and hope for a good game?

ATi_Elite1330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Next Gen gaming are games that are Gamer Driven. Game world tools and gamers decide everything from economy to factions to rules to boundaries to end game.

Also the dev just sits back and gives gamers what they want meaning listening to gamers.

Destruction is a major next gen feature
variable damage
Advanced A.I.
Changing environment
SP or MP experience on the fly
Hybrid genres example RPG-FPS-RTS game
All structures explorable
Unlimited terrain meaning air land and sea gameplay seamlessly
Game never plays out the same due to semi procedural environments and spawning
Game senses playing style and changes npc characteristics on the fly to present greater challenge
Interactive environments
Smart Npc's that can alter game if left unchecked
Large scale game worlds
Simulation aspect get sick, gotta eat, Perma Death
eSport level pvp

THOSE Are just a few things of next gen gameplay.

GTgamer1330d ago


The only things on that list that wasn't on last generation games is really advanced A.I soooooo.

KwietStorm1330d ago

Are they paying dualshockers to promote this game?

Agent20091330d ago

I don't trust Russians.