Fallout 4: 10 Things We Don’t Want From The Previous Games

What Culture: From annoying enemies to game-breaking bugs, here's what we don't need in Fallout 4.

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700p1326d ago

Well..the melee combat does need work,and i believe the cazadors are only creatures set in nv,Obviously the game engine will get an upgrade,as far as the bugs..thats pretty much unavoidable.

TheWackyMan1325d ago

The bugs are avoidable to some extent, Bethesda just needs to do more bug testing.

-Foxtrot1325d ago

You don't need to get rid of the Karma system, it just needs improved upon.

If I steal something without anyone knowing why is that bad karma. It's every man for themselfs in this world.

WeAreLegion1325d ago

If we're going by the actual karma, it doesn't matter if someone sees it or not. Bad karma comes from doing bad. I don't believe in karma, but still.

sonicsidewinder1325d ago

"If I steal something without anyone knowing why is that bad karma."

Because stealing is Bad? You do bad things it'll come back to bite you on the arse = Karma?

Obviously if you get caught the repercussions are worse.

Karma system in Fallout is as much for your own perception of your character as much as a perception other characters have of you.

escott0131325d ago

You're getting karma confused with reputation :P

KwietStorm1325d ago

That's pretty much the whole philosophy of The Walking Dead. Do you become a bad person because it's a new, barren world, or do you still try to hold onto your good nature(if you had any to begin with)? Someone might say it's every man for himself *right bow* in this fcked up world, but that shouldn't mean you should be able to do what you gotta do without consequences.

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Jonny5isalive1325d ago

I love fallout 3 and NV. I want this game the most out of any new game. I loved in the one where I shot the tenpeney guy's head off in slow motion over the balcony of his tower after setting off the nuke? was that what happened, I dont really remember.

Xbot12141325d ago

New vegas was actually mu first fallout game and i was beyond impressed, i can't imagine how they could top it off along with a new engine

Matt6661325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

10. Melee, yes does need improvement but never get rid of it, its the waste land your going to have a lot of improvised / normal melee weapons around.

9. Loading screens, well they should load faster on the PS4/Xbox One, they where big games to handle for the PS3/360

8. Cazadors, I say keep them if they fit into the area, I like a challenge when facing enemies.

7. Yes I agree the game engine does need improvement, but it mostly glitches and bugs that need fixing

6. Keep the Karma system, I like the fact that you can choose to be good, bad or remain neutral, although your actions could have a bigger impact as a whole to the fallout world

5. Difficulty, that a hard one to say, but if I was the creators of fallout, depending on the difficulty the player chooses, it changes your weight limit, how much damage you can receive etc

4. Disjointed Areas, I think you either liked the strip or didn't yes some areas could be bigger with less loading screens or loading times but since where onto the ps4/xbox one now some of them problems could be sorted out

3. I fount the UI easy to use and the people who I know who played fallout never complained about it.

2. Yes NPCs do need improvement, like I said above your actions should have a bigger impact

1. Yes bugs do need sorting out

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