20 games that will convince you to buy a PS Vita

PSGamer: The PlayStation Vita has had a hard time since it released back in 2012. Sony’s “little console that could” is the most powerful handheld console on the market (at least until the Razer Switchblade launches), trouncing the 3DS and most gaming tablets when it comes to hardware specifications, but the Vita has had a few niggling issues that have hampered its success. A high price tag, identity crisis and finding its place in the market are issues the handheld has faced and overcome (or at least are in the process of doing) but one persistent criticism that wont go away is that “the Vita has no games!?” and I can say with absolute certainty that the majority of people that complain about the lack of games on the Vita, don’t own a Vita.

The Vita has a LOT of games. Not all of them are AAA blockbusters but a large portion them are great in their own right. If you have ever considered buying a Vita but decided against it for one reason or another, this list is for you – because you made a mistake. Here are 20 (10 present and 10 future) games which will convince you that the Vita does have games and you need to own one.

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Aldous_Snow1393d ago

Nope... Still not convinced

3-4-51393d ago

Poor Journalism. They need to replace "Will" with " Could", because there is the possibility that it could convince you, but just having knowledge of these games doesn't guarantee purchase of a Vita.

* Whoever wrote that is a sensationalist.

I own a Vita and more than half of those don't or wouldn't convince me to buy a Vita.

It's going to be a bit before there a ton of "must buy" games.

NewMonday1393d ago


"I own a Vita and more than half of those don't or wouldn't convince me to buy a Vita"

then the other half would so mission accomplished.

3-4-51392d ago

haha touche`.

Yea I kind of took a bit of a leap of faith in that I bought the Vita more for what COULD be released in 2015/2016 rather than what is currently available.

Bit of a risk, but it's not like I'm selling my Vita ever. I just hope the games start releasing a bit quicker next year.

bintarok1393d ago

Hurry up, go outside and throw more of your hard-earned money for Sony. Otherwise the company would going down deeper, Sony is poised to be rejected from JPX-Nikkei next year :

Sony needs stronger sales in the PS brand to cover bigger loss in others.

Derekvinyard131393d ago

Give me a gta, fallout or bioshock game and then il buy it.

Kal-V31393d ago

So.. established franchises that are already available on home consoles. The Vita needs original IPs and are only available on the Vita.
No body takes a risk and plays the great game that are already out on the Vita because they want the safe established popular names.
Do you know what other people that hate the vita would say to your comment? "Why play GTA, Fallout or Bioshock on the Vita when you can play them better on home consoles". I'm actually picking up more games on the Vita this year than any other console.
Freedom Wars
Danganronpa 2
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
Akiba Strip 2
Tales of Hearts
and (possibly) Sword art online

The Vita has great games just no one gives them a chance because they never heard of the franchises.
I bought Ys: Memories of Celceta basically on a whim and it ended up being one of my favorite games on the system. I say just give it a shot, is all.. :)

rambi801393d ago

Ys seven is another you should try. Very similar to memories if you are looking for more of that sort of thing

telekineticmantis1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I may need to do more research, but none of those games excite me, outside of freedom wars.

What Sony should do is bring the PS3 catalog to Vita, just like with Borderlands. There's plenty of great games people have missed, and i they spark sales, just look what Borderlands did. Also, almost all semi-casual Vita fans want Madden and NBA 2K , those would be system sellers along with games like Blitz, and NBA Jam, they might not be all that noteworthy on home consoles, but they would kill on handheld.

I could just imagine, my coworkers asking what im playing, and i show them Jam or Blitz! I know theyd want to play and borrow my Vita for the day.

700p1393d ago

And all those games listed most gamers have never heard of. Nice try though.

Inception1393d ago


I have a hunch that Falcom will announce new YS (YS 8 or maybe a remake) for Vita.

And hopefully, Xseed will port YS Origin for Vita. I played Origin demo on steam and it's great. You have two playable character (not Adol) with their unique ability.

thatbasedgamer19901393d ago

No, some people like myself would love to play Gta on the go. Those games you listed DO NOT interest me one bit! I mainly bought the vita to play console quality games on the go. Whether it be Ports or Exclusives, I don't care, as long as they are AAA quality and not indie or weeboo trash. Im hoping for Fallout 3 port, Skyrim or Gta Trilogy.

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Mr_Writer851393d ago

"Give me a gta, fallout or bioshock game and then il buy it."

They won't ever come to the Vita until the install base is bigger, it doesn't get bigger the games won't come.

"The Vita needs original IPs and are only available on the Vita."

"No, some people like myself would love to play Gta on the go"

Why can't the Vita have both? Surely with both everyone will be happy?

I want lots of small and different Indie games, but also want the big IP games.

PSNintyGamer1393d ago

This is the problem with the Vita, most of these only appeal to Vita owners. Where is the variety that PS consoles usually display?

miyamoto1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

PS Vita will be a well rounded well balanced platform soon.
Currently I am enjoying the games I have for it like Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Muramasa, etc. the latest will be Dragon's Crown tomorrow, on which I will use the Cross Save feature as I have the PS3 version. Then next would be Minecraft PS Vita as I have a PS3 version and will use the awesome Cross Buy feature.

PS Vita is really about TONS upon TONS of saved gaming money for budget gamers like me.

Isn't that lovely?

The 3DS-like games are coming for the PS Vita so don't you worry.

Kal-V31393d ago

See... optimism. and i'm sure miyamoto here didn't die a little inside after typing his comment. It's all about having fun.

700p1393d ago

All ps vita does is convince me not to buy one.

Haki11121393d ago

Don't fall for the trap like I did. WHERE THE VITA GAMES AT SONY??? I can only play PS4G and ffx for so long!

rsnotz1393d ago

You have got to be kidding. This comment means one of 2 things.

a) you don't have a Vita
b) you're blind
c) don't know how to browse the PS Store

Haki11121393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )

I have a vita ps4 ps3 xbox 360 xbox one and wii u i posted pics many times here to prove that (Hakirshiro my psn name). Sony Has marketed this thing to be an accessory of the ps4 rather than the portable gaming machine it should be. Now ill say this again WHERE ARE THE GAMES FOR MY VITA?? Because E3 Didn't show shit!

Inception1393d ago


Freedom Wars
Tales of Hearts R
Danganronpa 2
Akiba's Trip
Tales from the Borderlands
Oddworld: New & Tasty
Hotaru no Nikki
Child of Light

Dude, seriously, you can use the internet don't you???

rsnotz1393d ago (Edited 1393d ago )


Dude you're one to complain about no games.

You yourself have had the following Vita Games installed on YOUR vita:

Metal Gear Solid 3
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
WipEout 2048
Persona 4 Golden
Retro City Rampage
Batman: Arkham Origins
Dragon's Crown
Virtue's Last Reward
Assassin's Creed III Liberation
Soul Sacrifice
Uncharted: Golden Abyss

I suggest you start playing some of those games in your list before saying there are no games or maybe try some of the games Inception mentioned.

No games? PSFFT

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