PlayStation Now Open Beta – Our Journey Begins

Jack Buser // Senior Director, PlayStation Now writes:

With a strong and stable broadband connection, visual and gameplay quality will be much like what you’re used to with other PS3 games. PS Now will also feature cloud game saves, as well as support for other popular network features such as Trophies, friend lists and leaderboards. You can also play seamlessly online with other people on PS Now, or even players who have the downloadable or disc based version of the game. As you know, the PS3 catalog of games is massive and incredibly diverse, and we’re thrilled to make these epic experiences available to PS4 first, followed by our other PlayStation platforms in the coming months.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1270d ago

The prices are still bad and they should offer a 15 min trial for all games or something of that nature.

Abash1270d ago

I hope the subscription plan they are working on has the right price for PS Now. Very interested in the service but only if it is affordable and not a hefty monthly fee

JoGam1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I hope the prices are fake and they're keeping the correct prices a secret intil launch.

EData1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Their pricing currently stinks of greed, sorry to say. They need ONE decent priced subscription model, not MANY crappy priced rentals. And like it was mentioned above, a free 15 minutes or so of gameplay to try them out.

What's with things they do having to be an open beta, people are paying for it, just release the thing officially! If I remember correctly HOME never left "open beta" right? I hope they don't screw up PSNow...

DoomeDx1270d ago

15 minutes? You think people can judge games by just 15 minutes of gameplay?

This could work great for games that have amazing intro's like The Last of Us. But some games take a while to get good. Didnt PS+ give Free Game Trials that allowed you to play a few games for an hour? I believe it did on the PS3

harrisk9541270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I agree about the prices.... there should not be a "4-hour" option... For $2.99 you should get a 24-hour rental, similar to Redbox pricing... Right now, the 7-day pricing seems the most cost-effective on most games. But, again, it is really expensive. I have been in the PS3 and PS4 betas for several months and I've seen the prices drop, but not enough.

GTgamer1270d ago

I will pay 60 dollars a year for a subscription plan I already buy 60$ games that some times end up being crappy so why not pay 60 and get a big catalog of all genres of games to play sounds great to me but that's me iI know you guys have different opinions

DaMist1270d ago

now i'm a bit confused, do you still have to pay for the rentals with real money even though is a beta? or is that there just for demonstration only?

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Monkeycan81270d ago

Subscription model!!!! :D

Relientk771270d ago

I think they will do a subscription model in the future, he even hinted at it in the video.

Drithe1270d ago

This system is going to fail .... miserably.

Deadpoolio1270d ago Show
VlllAxelLea1270d ago

the only problem I have with ps now are the prices. I'm sure they'll fix them though, he mentioned a subscription model so thats awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.