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gamrReview's Karl Koebke: "Overall I don't regret buying this debut piece of Dark Souls II DLC, but that's partly because I liked the original game so much that it would have had to have been pretty terrible for it to have left a sour taste in my mouth. I would describe Crown of the Sunken King as a good addition to a great game and I'm certainly interested to find out how subsequent Crown episodes stack up to this first one and continue to expand upon the base game."

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belac091450d ago

im lvl 214 and ive used 17 effigies and still havent beat that damn dragon, counless times with 2 people helping me every time, its hard as fudge. plus 4 different rings that break upon death

Old_Boss_1450d ago

You should summon the Dragon NPC he's very helpful for distracting Sinh

Gamesgbkiller1450d ago

I was level 150 when I beat him the forth try.

Don't get greedy and watch his move sets.

lonelyplayer1450d ago

I will wait for the ps4 ultimate edition

belac091450d ago

ok, ill try that ill use both npc's and see what happens