The PS Vita Mystery Port: What Is It For ?

Just like a car, a proud PS Vita owner takes their sweet, sweet time looking at their loveable machine. We doubt they took time to read the full manual (who can read a manual when they have a Vita in front of them?). And in the middle of this full inspection, we are pretty sure owners would have noticed that extra flap beside the cartridge flap.

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UltimateMaster1390d ago

Dedicated HDMI port? I have no idea.

teflontactics1389d ago

It's not video out, as much as everyone wants to hope that's what it is. Anyone with computer hardware knowledge and a look at some tear-down pics could tell you that.

As for what it IS used for, the answer is probably nothing - especially since they removed it from the slim model specs.

sanosukegtr1231389d ago

I always wonder about that.

kryteris1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Who knows. Many thought it would be video out, they also (sony) mentioned you will be able to use the vita w/ project Morpheus. Not sure how that is possible on the newer model that is missing the port.