Famitsu's most wanted games (7/30/14)

This week's Famitsu's most wanted games chart is in.

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DualWielding1301d ago

it's scary how high Bullet girls is on the list

KonsoruMasuta1301d ago

Who wouldn't want to play that game?

thatbasedgamer19901301d ago

That game looks like a pile of garbage!

TongkatAli1301d ago (Edited 1301d ago )

Yeah, it beat Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 : o

Bennibop1301d ago

Judging by the amount of PS4 games on the list its only a matter of time before PS4 sales pickup in Japan.

Mr Pumblechook1301d ago

The list just goes to show how immensely important Monster Hunter is to the Japanese. Capcom must have a really strong partnership with Nintendo otherwise they would want this on as many systems as possible.

JRPGs is the genre with the most desired games. Old 360 SquareEnix exclusive The Last Remnant is on the list, does this mean a PS3 version is incoming?

SolidGear31301d ago

That'd be interesting :3

wonderfulmonkeyman1301d ago

Wow, Hyrule Warriors actually beat out Pokemon.....
The hype is real.

styferion1301d ago

I see P5 got its rightful spot, too bad it's not coming out this year in the west :(

MSBAUSTX1301d ago

It is a dam shame. I would actually Buy a Vita TV if Phantasy Star Nova was coming to the West. Yet again another amazing game is Japan only. I miss Phantasy Star on my 360. ...Sigh...

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