Project Morpheus vs Oculus Rift: Who Will Win The VR Battle?

The stage is set for a grand battle in 2015 for consumers' cash between Sony and Oculus. Who will take the VR crown?

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DigitalRaptor1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Like with PC as a platform, where games naturally can be better because of superior hardware, the Oculus will have some things that the Morpheus can't do. Likewise, the Morpheus, Move and lightbar will be capable of things the Oculus cannot do out of the box.

What is important is that both are well supported and both have unique and compelling exclusive software. There needs to be no victor. Both technologies need to bring the VR medium forward to a place where we can be glad we supported them.

amiga-man1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

DigitalRaptor is correct both will be mutually supportive of one another, the war here is not the tech but the idea and it will be beneficial to both parties to prove the amazing potential of VR first in what ever form it takes.

If VR takes off then there may be a point to this question, but even then Morpheus and Oculus are on different platforms and not really in direct competition with each other.

As it stands if VR takes off both will do very well and VR will continue to grow into a very polished and unique experience.

I'm excited.

user56695101424d ago

I like how you added "out of the box" at the end because we all know there is nothing Morpheus will trump ORift in. Maybe exclusives but so far it seem like Morpheus is getting mostly ORift ports. It also a ton of controllers in the works for vr on PC .

johndoe112111424d ago

"so far it seem like Morpheus is getting mostly ORift ports"

Exactly what proof do you have of that? How do you know devs aren't working on both devices at the same time? how do you know there is nothing Morpheus will trump OR in? Are you working on both techs? Exactly how full of sh!te are you?

These are two different devices designed for two different markets aiming to give similar experiences. None of the products are completed just yet so no one knows what the final outcome will be.

Your incessant babbling of anti-console drivel is getting tiring and loathsome. And it wouldn't be as bad if the diatribe that spewed out of your facial orifice at least made a lick of sense, but it never does. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinion I guess.

nirwanda1424d ago

Rift will be technically better but morphius will have it own pluses, i.e. move and the ablilty to fully rotate.
But ultimatly they will stay out of each others spaces and help each other grow by giving devs two platform to aim there projects at.

user56695101424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

Because that's what happened. Its hard for some to except it . ORift had ton of games that was supported and developed before Morpheus even was announced. After it was devs started saying they will support Morpheus. How is that not a port how is that full of sh!t . It should be obvious only y'all are taking it the wrong way. Devs had rift way longer and a ton of games have been developed for and with the rift in mind. How is this hard to grasp. When someone point out something that been known for the longest y'all get defensive because it doesn't make Sony look superior .

Also like someone said PC had razerRazer motion controls for a couple of years. Right now ORift specs is better so I Dont get where I lost you and how doesnt this make sense. But most of y'all dont follow gaming unless it favor to y'all preference . I love all platforms so I keep up with all the things that go on in the industry.

I also find it funny you say I'm anti console when I praise all consoles. I just point out the contradictions of you fanboys and point out how these publishers and console makers are ripping us off. Its only going to get worst but go ahead argue over your specs and graphics. I'm sure they are loving that this is the only thing this gen of gamers are worrying about.

spartanlemur1424d ago

Quite true.

The important thing here actually is the total number of headsets sold, given that this is the figure devs are going to look at when deciding whether to create VR games.
Morpheus is no more a competitor to the Rift than Sony Move is a competitor to the Razer Hydra.

2cents1424d ago

Tech = Oculus
Experience = ?

depends on the games really.

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Aldous_Snow1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Neither. FOVE will win. More advanced than these two combined & you can take one guess who's about to swoop in and buy them lol

All 3 are ugly as fck though

Insomnia_841424d ago

Morpheus looks neat! It's the best looking of all the VR devices.

AllAboutGaming1424d ago

Whichever one isn't owned by Facebook!

Imagine playing your VR games and getting hundreds of Candy Crush VR popups from your Facebook friends.

spartanlemur1424d ago

The Facebook acquisition has worried us all, but I think we could at least give them the benefit of the doubt, and wait until they actually do that before criticising.

Si-Fly1424d ago

With my Oculus Rift DK2 due for delivery by today I'm voting Oculus ATM :D

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