The COG Time Machine - 10 Retro Games Everyone Must Play

Few games manage to stand the test of time and still remain relevant long after their release has past. Here's 10 examples of some retro games that not only remain relevant but provided the building blocks for some of the greatest games of modern times. You gotta play these!

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thorstein1419d ago

Add Shadowrun SNES & Genesis (two different amazing games.)

PiNkFaIrYbOi1419d ago

There are so many older games that everyone should play. But most won't for various reasons.

The list isn't bad really. But most of them we wouldn't recommend either because we didn't play them as we are very genre specific in what type of games we play. Or because we think that there are better retro games that everyone should play.

Digital_Anomaly1419d ago

That's why the author is quick to point out it isn't a top 10 list. A top 10 retro list is super subjective! He simply states that these are 10 games well worth playing if you're a fan of retro titles and he's right. I've played every last one of them... and they're all fantastic!