New PS4 Model CUH-1100A Certified in Japan; More Information Published

A while ago the certification of a new PS4 model bearing the number CUH-11xxA (where xx indicates the report) appeared first on the official website of the Directorate of General Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, then the FCC certification appeared as well.

While Sony still has to make any official announcement on the issue, the certification for the new model has finally been published by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

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Godmars2901272d ago

You realize that N4G's contest was about posting comments in specific articles, right? Articles directly related to subject they have linked in the blog section?

Palitera1271d ago

While he may be a very annoying no-life kid, it's funny that you only warned him in the very end of the contest.


Deadpoolio1271d ago

That would have actually involved reading the actual rules of a contest besides the title

Rimeskeem1271d ago

Not to be rude, but do you think he cares

Godmars2901271d ago

I just read the thing myself, and put two and two together upon seeing this post.

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MegaRay1271d ago

Nice profile avatar.... Wait it content spoiler!

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luis_spartano1272d ago

This new model could have 5GHz wifi band. I'd thank Sony.

johny51271d ago

I've been wishing for that since day one!

I also heard they will implement HDMI 2.0 for Dolby Atmos and 4k Blu-ray playback!

Movies with Dolby Atmos are coming out in about two month's and the first true 4k Blu-rays at the end of this year!

Plus they want there online service to compete with Netflix 4k, so who knows?

rawd1271d ago

Or buy a $40 wireless AC bridge

Kingoftherodeo1271d ago

if they added a 5ghz wifi band,larger hdd or something to make it different than the regular ps4. it would be a slap to those who bought a ps4 way too early to announce a new model

mochachino1271d ago

That depends on when they release it. A yearly hardware revision is standard for electronics.