MY APOLOGIES Naughty Dog It’s Not You It’s Me

SchollA from CCU writes:
I feel the need to retract from a article that was done by myself and thus apologize to Naughty Dog . Even though I did not squarely put the blame on them and it surely wasn't an attack I still feel I included them in something they were not necessarily a part of.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

That really takes some balls to do.

Apologize accepted.

JoGam1391d ago

Yes I'm pretty sure Naughty Dog will accept their apology. However there are other people / blogs who needs to apologize too. The Last of Us Remaster is a success.

redwin1390d ago

I have the 1st generation 9s3 and TLOU doesn't work in my console, but the 1st uncharted did work fine. But I didn't like uncharted.

Majin-vegeta1391d ago

At least you manned up to your mistake.

TFJWM1391d ago

Make an article blaming ND for faulty games without any research = hits

Making another article apologizing for doing no research = more hits

Today's gaming journalism at its finest...

Aleithian1391d ago


I don't even follow game journalism anymore. News is all I'm interested in.

yewles11391d ago you blamed ND for your PS3 potentially failing? What next, you're going to shift blame to Sony's hardware dept.? Why even make these kind of articles in the first place?

Scholla1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

I didn't blame them, as discussed in the first paragraph I was more questioning the coincidence...the coincidence just happened to be ND. I merely made an observation that there is a link to ND games and my PS3 not playing them. Further observation proved otherwise thus the apology.

Furthermore I made that type of article back then because others may be going through the same issues and could help me or help each other -- I like building community.

yewles11391d ago

That would be like I suspecting Ninja Theory for my first PS3 and Polyphony Digital for my second (it's actually my fault, both of them suffered burnt out BD drives because I game too much).

Spotie1391d ago

Still a rather silly connection to imply, don't you think?

DragonKnight1391d ago

Some people are so willing to pounce on the mistakes of others, it's such a vicious, vindictive way of living/thinking.

Demon's Souls nearly killed my PS3 though. Well, the disc version anyway.

SilentNegotiator1390d ago (Edited 1390d ago )

I'm sure you're REEEALLY sorry for making all of that ad revenue off of a stupid assumption and more for a retraction with a vague title.

PockyKing1390d ago

If you want to post a sincere apology...don't put it on N4G. If you're being serious about it, it shouldn't matter if that article gets traffic or not, you wrote it it's off your chest etc. Putting it on here just screams attention grabbing.

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700p1391d ago

Apology not accepted.

Aldous_Snow1391d ago


1. They won't have read it
and 2. Even if they did, they too busy to care

LordMaim1391d ago

I have the same reaction to certain comments.

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The story is too old to be commented.