Nintendo will need a lot from Smash Bros. and Hyrule Warriors to sell 3.6M Wii U systems

The Wii U has a one or two games that could propel it through the rest of the year, and at least one analyst thinks Nintendo should achieve its guidance for the system’s sales.

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Sadie21001327d ago

Smash Bros. is going to make someone a lot of money! Hyrule Warriors: not so much.

Concertoine1327d ago

Its actually a very popular series in Japan. They also don't cost much to make so at the very least that game will be a worthwhile investment. Tecmo is a smart developer to work with as they have very fast and cheap development cycles.

vishmarx1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

sell 3.6M Wii U systems

not happening. 3.6m copies is one thing,but 3.6m consoles is just stupid.
even if ssb sells 10mn its not getting 35%of it on new console sales thats way too much.

hold on a sec though,did wii u even cross 10mn in sales? its sad coz i totally see this game selling a lot.

6.5 million wii u's sold to date.and they expect half of those from 2 games.
not unless it comes with a free ticket to the moon or a free island or something

Knushwood Butt1327d ago

Hyrule Warriors isn't going to shift many copies in Japan either.

Concertoine1327d ago


I never said it would. This article was stupid to suggest only these titles would do it. These titles in conjunction with others coming and already out will do that. If the system can sell 2.8 with like one key title, it can sell 3.6 with like 5+.


I'll happily challenge that. It's one of the most popular series in Japan combined with one of the most popular ones worldwide... it'll shift a few.

Knushwood Butt1327d ago

OK, how many retail sales do you think it will get in the first 4 weeks on release in Japan?

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cleft51327d ago

Smash Bros is incredibly popular and Zelda is an extremely strong IP, plus the whole dynasty warriors thing does very well in Japan. Make no mistake, both of these games will do amazingly in the short term and long term.

vishmarx1327d ago

i dont think anyone has ever bought a console for a warriors game,

DEATHxTHExKIDx1327d ago

Hmm big doubts Mario Kart is a bigger seller than smash bros.

deafdani1327d ago

Smash Bros Wii sold something like 8 or 9 million copies.

Mario Kart Wii sold more than 30 million.

Still doubtful?

Dahui1327d ago

I think he forgot a semicolon after doubts.

darkronin2291327d ago

It's crazy how much Nintendo has to rely on just a small handful of games to get by.

mcstorm1327d ago

That depends how you look at it as each console only has a hand full of games that sell millions each year and they tend to be yoy games like FIFA, cod, bf and ac. Nintendo's IPs are a wider range of gores and don't tend to be yoy too.

For me this moment in time the Wiiu has the best line up if all 3 next gen consoles and I own more games on my Wiiu than my Xbox one too,

dota2champion1327d ago

hyrule warriors is just stupid

Concertoine1327d ago

Last year they sold 2.8 million and this year they have a much more complete release schedule, and are already outpacing their last year exponentially. They will have literally no problem hitting 3.6, maybe even 4 million.

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The story is too old to be commented.