Endure and survive: how Naughty Dog brought ‘The Last of Us’ to the PS4

With The Last of Us Remastered out this week on PlayStation 4, various members of Naughty Dog have been divulging information about the re-release’s development, including Lead Developer Christian Gyrling.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Good Job once again Naughty Dog. Been playing the multiplayer since yesterday.

Off Topic:
@Sasuke I tried to save him, but It was impossible, Damn... :(

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CrimsonAzure1363d ago

Can you guys chill with the spolers at least? Fucking hell, dude.

FriedGoat1363d ago

Some say it don't be like it be, but it do.

Christopher1363d ago

Too bad they didn't have something earlier. I think they could have greatly improved the textures in TLOU Remaster if they had.

OculusRift1363d ago

What the f*ck's up with all the skrubs spoiling the god dang series. Not all of us sit inside all day watching anime/reading the manga on release day/week. FFS, just keep the show details to yourselves.

Rainbowcookie1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )

them spoiler :(

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0P-Tigrex1364d ago

They've stated it was a challenge getting the game up and running on the PS4. I'm surprised it took them only 7 months rewrite the code and get the optimized for the system. They worked their asses off and I'm grateful for it

Hellsvacancy1364d ago

All time that could of been spent on making Uncharted 4

timmyp531364d ago

Well they could have had more hands. But they have multiple teams now so moot point. More like they could have been spending all that time on a new ip.

Hellsvacancy1364d ago

It's not a "moot" point, it's a valid point, as much of a Last Of Us fan I am we (or I) didn't need a remaster, especially so soon, the devs don't care they get paid either way

Me as a gamer wants new things, not awesome things looking slightly more awesome

Summons751363d ago

Which is why they have 2 teams and most of the people who worked on TLOU and Uncharted 2 have been working on Uncharted 4, team 2 and some LOU devs have been doing the remaster.

Kayant1363d ago

Which was what happened. They have two teams.

MasterCornholio1363d ago

Naughtydog said that they had several teams one of them dedicated to Uncharted 4 the other were working on The Last of Us. So trying to say that Uncharted 4 will be a bad game because they dedicated resources to a remaster is false.

Sevir1363d ago

Hellsvacancy.... Even Wells and Christophe Balestra already confirmed that the lionshare of ND was working on Uncharted 4. 30 people out of 244 Dogs worked on porting the last of us, don't forget that the studio also went through some prominent losses and restaffing it's amazing in and ove itself that they managed to get TLOU done within 7 months with 30 people and still managed to have something to show the fruits of their labor at E3 that looked Heads and shoulders above anything else with U4, all this and they've confirmed that another game on the scale of Uncharted in terms of production is in preproduction right now...

Your point isn't valid. Just annoying. You are certainly entitled to it, but it really lacks any relevance in the grand scheme of things... TLOU:R was the test to get their engines running and a year later it's shown. All knowledge gained from that will be applied to U4:ATE.

lemoncake1363d ago

Unchartered 4 uses the same ps3 engine that they have been using for a while, they have now upgraded that engine and covered the development costs with TLOU remastered version. So in reality they have been working on unchartered 4 the whole time as beyond the engine work creating TLOU remastered wouldn't have taken much additional effort.

showtimefolks1363d ago (Edited 1363d ago )


yeh i am sure they need your advice on how to run ND, STHU if you don't want to buy TLOU remaster its your money and your thing. But don't say gamers don't want it when there are a lot of people who want it

having 2 teams mean they can work on more than one game at a time, one team is doing UC4. @nd team is doing something new or a sequel to TLOU

than a very small number of people worked on TLOU so its not like the whole team had to work on TLOU

and this argument about wanting new things, its people like you who buy sequels every year when new games are sitting on store shelf. Its always a nice idea to talk about wanting newer Ip's how about buying them too

bound by flames is a good game a new IP, but why hasn't it sold millions? how come an good game at best like watch dogs become one of UBI's best selling games

new IP's 2014'a gamer, talks about it all the damn time never buy it though

Christopher1363d ago

Not likely since the U4 team is already set in stone and they are working on that as it is. You don't just throw more developers into a single project. That causes more issues.

I do agree that they could have been working on something new, though. Would love to see a few of the people moved over to work on The Order considering their skill sets and talent.

Spotie1363d ago

It's a good thing they spent all that time working on Uncharted 4 then, huh?

Visiblemarc1363d ago

...and they slaved for years making tlou just for you? You played it, so it's a done deal right? They shouldn't care about selling millions of additional copies? Check.

The extreme challenge of being a AAA developer is becoming more clear.

ThatEnglishDude1363d ago

And now they have had experience using the Ps4 technology, Uncharted 4 will be better than it would have been otherwise.

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Rainbowcookie1363d ago

Either way having 2 teams or not ND staff count as 2 at least . I remember seeing the uncharted 4 trailer and then was told that the entire forest scene with animation was done by one guy.

hiredhelp1363d ago

but we didn’t start writing any code or move people over to working on the remaster until February of 2014.”

Wow 5 months to adapt to new system get rough idea of the engine and ship the remasterd version... Mmm this gen gonna be epic for consoles faster development more powerfull hardware more memory.

I love being a gamer you think the last of us remasterd was good trust me its nothing when naughtydog creates a fresh new game made for ps4.

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